2020’s Top Technologies for People with Disabilities

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Technology has been responsible for many of the developments which make our lives easier. Smart and assistive technologies continue to evolve and be developed for those with disabilities. These technologies offer many positive effects for communication, mobility, and quality of life. Join us as we explore some of this year’s top assistive technologies for disabled persons.

Tools for Eating and Oral Care

Those with stability issues due to movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease can now reduce spillage thanks to Liftware. This rechargeable handle, which can be attached to eating utensils, reduces motion disruption by up to 70%. Another innovation, making its first appearance at CES 2020, is called the Y-brush. This invention cleans the teeth in 10 seconds, and only requires a single bite to activate.

Tools for Communication

Individuals with sight disabilities will benefit from Dot. This Braille smartwatch is the world’s first, allowing access to books, messages, and social media on the go. Text-to-speech technology helps those with visual impairment, dyslexia, and similar disabilities to listen to books, newspapers, and other print media by scanning text and reading it to the listener.

The Sesame Phone is a touch-free device that only requires the user to make small head movements in order to access several functions. Users can also use voice-activated commands to make calls, play media, and more.

Tools for Improving Mobility and Accessibility

Individuals with disabilities need to be able to have as much mobility as possible, both inside the home and in public areas. One example of technology that makes this possible is the porch lift, which helps wheel or power chair users to be lifted safely to the deck or porch on a home.

Wheelchair ramps have also become even easier to purchase and maintain, thanks to aluminum ramps, which can be installed far easier and more quickly than their wood or concrete counterparts due to modern engineering technology.

Accessibility in public areas is easier due to AXS Map, which is a crowdsourced app that reveals not only where wheelchair-accessible restrooms and ramps are located in public areas, but also rates their design efficiency.

Medical Bed Tables and Other Tools That Increase Accessibility

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Those needing to spend time at home in bed require options that make it easier for them to reach items, to work, or to enjoy leisure activities. Modern laptop tray tables for beds are available so what you can work from home without any back and arm strain.

These tables also allow individuals to access lighting and a charging station that is equipped for several devices to be charged at once. Stands for tablets and phones may also be used to keep devices upright for easy and instant accessibility.

The Ultimate in Comfort, Convenience, and Style

Modern technology is helping to improve the lives of disabled people the world over. Integrant LLC’s atHand® Overbed Table System with wheels is designed to make your life easier. Learn more by visiting us or calling today: (440) 628-9550.