Integrant is Proud to Take Part in the Abilities Expo Chicago

The Abilities Expo is a great event that many people in the community attend to learn about products and services that can help those living with a disability. At the expo, many of the world’s most innovative thinkers in the medical equipment industry gather together for one common goal, to educate people about all the great products out there designed to make living a better life a reality. It’s a great experience for people of all ages and we’re excited to see you there!

How an Overbed Table Can Benefit People with Disabilities

As a person living with a disability or as a family member, or caregiver, you want to find ways that can make a difficult and sometimes frustrating situation easier for everyone involved. Though often overlooked, the bedside hospital table can provide convenience, function and enrich the lives of people living with disabilities.

When you think of a bed tray table you’re probably imagining a tray table on four wheels that sits next to a hospital bed. You may think they’re only used for hospital patients, or a person recovering from a serious injury or surgery, but when you strip down the function of an over the bed rolling table, they can be used for multiple situations, especially to help people with permanent physical disabilities.

A high quality medical bedside table can increase independence and reduce dependence for simple everyday things. Quit looking for quick fixes and get a tool that can be used for multiple situations. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference an adjustable bedside table can make when you have one with the right features. Here is why a hospital table with power can help improve the quality of life and become a trusted companion for people who suffer from a physical disability.

Better Home Organization

By knowing where items are and keeping them within reach, you can make sure that a person with a disability will stay comfortable and confident.

There may be times where they may be stuck in bed, visually impaired, or have limited mobility, what do you do then? An easy solution is to have a bedside table nearby that has added storage compartments and features that make staying organized in a confined space easier than ever before.

With extra drawers and shelves, built-in USB and power outlets, and an adjustable tray table, you have room to keep must-have items such as mobile devices, electronics, books, medication, food, beverages, and whatever items you can’t live without. The best part, everything is within reach which means you can easily grab your phone to call friends and family or watch your favorite show on Netflix on your mobile device.

Improve Productivity

Imagine having a table by your side that has the capacity and features where you can watch movies, read books, play games, write, and simply feel like you have the freedom to do what you love. Too many times, people with a disability become stagnant and feel depressed about their situation, and while we can’t imagine what they’re going through, the atHand® Overbed Table System can  give them some freedom back.  If they want to work on a laptop, play video games, draw or write, they can do it with the right over the bed table by their side.

The atHand® Medical Over the Bed Table System Does it All – Learn more at the upcoming Abilities Expo near you!

The Abilities Expo brings an unrivaled awareness to the necessary products and services for the community of people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, and healthcare professionals. It’s important to know what products can have a positive impact on people with disabilities and the atHand® Over the Bed Table System is one of those products. Unlike traditional hospital bedside tables, this system comes equipped with multiple features that add much-needed convenience and independence.

Features include added shelves and drawers, USB and power outlets, adjustable height and lighting, sleek and durable frame, and more. It was built to help both caregivers and people suffering from a physical disability or recovering from an illness where they have limited mobility.

We found that one of the biggest concerns was a lack of independence and that atHand® Over the Bed Tray Table System instantly gives some back and its versatility can be used for multiple situations. We invite you to learn more about the atHand® Overbed Table System by visiting our booth at the Abilities Expo in Chicago. Please visit https://www.abilities.com/chicago/ for more information.