Award Winning Table – Designed for Caregivers and Loved Ones Alike

elderly using bed table

I recently visited a family member in a beautiful rehab facility.  His room was furnished with a modern, electric bed, a therapeutic air mattress, all kinds of other fancy medical equipment…and yet the cheapest, most wobbly bedside table ever.  Somehow, patients who are not able to get up without assistance are supposed to keep everything they need on this tiny little table.  I took an inventory of what he had stacked on it:  a phone, remote control, box of tissues, book, iPad (with no convenient way to charge it), cup of water (waiting to be spilled), emesis basin (yuck) and yes – two urinals, one full (double yuck).  Then it was mealtime, and all that stuff had to be moved aside to make room for the food tray.  With all the advances in medical equipment, why is it difficult to have a convenient place to put stuff?

This is even more of an issue in the home, where nurses aren’t available 24/7 to help.  As a caregiver, you want your loved one to be comfortable and maintain a sense of independence.  Plus, you probably can’t be there 24/7, so it’s important to have the right tools to help both you and your loved one.

Easier and Better Care

You would be surprised how creative caregivers can get when they look to solve problems on their own in order to provide convenient care to their loved ones. The majority of overbed or bedside tables are simply a tray table with four long legs on wheels and don’t provide much functionality for the user or caregiver.  So caregivers sometimes piece together their own solutions like looping a power strip over the headboard so patients can easily plug in and charge their electronics.  They may tape a trash can to one of the table legs.  These hacks may work in a pinch, but there’s a better way!  Make sure your bedside tray table has features like built-in power outlets, shelves, cabinets, lighting, trash bins, and cup holders instead of creating a cheap and not so safe table on your own.  Now your loved one can have a table where they can keep their belongings within reach (and not have to place a food tray next to a urinal).  Plus, they don’t have to rely on somebody else to do simple tasks.  Talk about ultimate convenience.

Peace of Mind

Being a caregiver is oftentimes a juggling act.  Managing a full-time job, taking care of kids, and tending to other personal matters takes time away from caring for your loved one.  Yet they’re always on your mind and you’re left wondering if they’re OK and have what they need to be comfortable.  An adjustable hospital table that has the right features can provide caregivers with peace of mind, knowing their loved one has everything they need to last them through the day.

Independence for Patients or Loved One

Yes, over the bed tables give peace of mind to caregivers and help them provide better care but it’s also great for any user who is recovering, has limited mobility or has been ordered to bed rest.  Imagine a loved one lying in bed with a tray table by their side that allows them to easily charge an iPad, plus has enough room to hold their meal, a beverage, book, magazines, and other important personal belongings. A table like this is crucial for a user’s happiness because they still can perform everyday tasks and have what they want within reach without asking for help.

The atHand® Overbed Table System is the award-winning table you’ve been looking for.

If you’re a caregiver and looking for a medical bedside table that delivers the convenience and versatility you need, then look no further than the atHand® Overbed Table System from Integrant. This innovative, modern, and attractive table system has been presented the 2017 Caregiver Friendly Award by Today’s Caregiver and for good reason. It features plenty of storage space thanks to added drawers and shelves, plus built-in electrical and USB outlets, adjustable height table, and adjustable LED lighting – this table delivers everything mentioned above and more.  You can find out more and see for yourself how amazing the atHand Table System is at the 2017 Fearless Caregiver Conference. You can learn more about all the great features and speak with the Integrant team to learn how much easier life and care can be with this one-of-a-kind over the bed tray table system.