Benefits and Risks of Bed Rest

Pregnant woman working in her bed

When a mother-to-be has been diagnosed with a pregnancy-related condition like preeclampsia or placenta previa, bed rest is usually prescribed. How beneficial is bed rest, really, and are there any health risks associated with this preventive measure? We explore the risks and benefits of bed rest.

What Are the Benefits of Bed Rest During Pregnancy?

Bed rest is meant to protect the health of pregnant mothers and their unborn children. A doctor may prescribe bed rest to lower a mother’s blood pressure. This is also suggested when the mother or her child may be at risk to sustain an injury.

A mother-to-be may also be asked to remain in bed to reduce her stress levels and regulate her emotions. Of course, these represent just a few of the many reasons a doctor would prescribe bed rest.

Are There Any Risks to Bed Rest?

The act of lying in bed for long periods does pose some health risks. The risk of developing blood clots increases with prolonged periods of inactivity.

Although bed rest may have been prescribed to reduce stress, understandably it can cause stress. The mom may worry about her baby, and the sudden lack of activity can cause increased stress levels. As well, a mother who expected to be able to continue working can also experience negative effects in terms of lost income and emotional stress as the result of having to suddenly spend time in bed.

How Moms-to-Be Can Cope with Bed Rest

If you were prescribed bed rest, there are several things that you can do to make it less stressful.

Keep a Schedule

It’s important to have a schedule in place so that you can get done what you need to and experience as little boredom as possible. The right tools, like a pregnancy bed rest table, are essential to keep you comfortable while you go through your day.

Move Your Body

Your doctor has likely prescribed several exercises for you while you are on bed rest. These are incredibly important for you to do so that you can maintain your fitness level and reduce the risk of clotting.

Maintain All Aspects of Health

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Ensure that you’re able to stay in touch with loved ones for emotional support, and eat a healthy diet. Included in this regimen should be minimizing physical discomfort as much as possible. An adjustable overbed table will help you to keep your back in a healthy posture and your arms at a height that will help to eliminate fatigue, allowing you to get more accomplished.

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