The Benefits of the atHand Overbed Table System at The Easterseals’ Resource & Technology Center

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For anyone living with a short-term or long-term disability, it’s important to have reliable tools that help give a sense of independence to complete simple everyday tasks. One great way to discover helpful tools and devices is through the Easterseals’ Resource & Technology Demonstration Center in New Castle, DE. They have become the trusted team who aim to help individuals of all ages with disabilities to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The Resource & Technology Demonstration Center is home to some of the most innovative tools and devices in assistive technology that can help with a variety of disabilities. Products you can see and learn more about are converted kitchens, accessibility bathtubs and toilets, deaf or hearing devices, and many more helpful products.

With so many great products that make living with a disability easier and more comfortable, the team at Integrant was happy to learn that Easterseals wanted the atHand Overbed Table System to be displayed at their demonstration center. Our feature-rich overbed table system is designed to give both individuals and caregivers a safe, convenient, and reliable table that makes completing everyday tasks easier than ever before. Here are some of the many great benefits it brings to the table.

Extra Storage for Extra Convenience

A popular feature is the ability to have storage drawers or shelves by your side. These give you the space you need to hold all your important belongings and keep them within reach.

Adjustable Lighting

No more asking for help or risking injury getting up to turn on or off lights. You can have lighting right by your side at all times. Choose from three lighting levels, with two fully adjustable LED lights: one for reading, one for a night light.

Safely Power Up All Your Devices

Avoid extension cords or straining to reach wall outlets with integrated USB and power outlets right in the table. Plus, you can always have your important electronic devices charged and ready for use.

Convenient Personalization

Swivel, slide and adjust the table height and lighting for your comfort and convenience. Rotate the tray table over the bed or chair when you need it, or tilt the light to just the right angle.

Easy to Keep Clean and Store Away

Thanks to a modern and smooth design, this overbed table has no gaps or crevices that can build up dirt, making cleaning easy for you or a caregiver to protect you from germs. Plus, the tray table folds down with ease and allows for more versatile, compact storage.

Extreme Strength and Stability

The atHand Overbed Table System can hold up to 100 lbs and is built from high-quality, durable materials. You won’t have to worry about this table system wobbling or breaking down over time.

Easy Mobility to Transfer Room to Room

This overbed table on wheels features large, premium casters that roll smoothly on carpet or hard floors to make it easy to move around where needed. It also features two locking wheels to keep the table safely anchored in place when desired.

Experience the Versatility, Flexibility, and Convenience with the atHand Overbed Table System

Whether you’re a care professional or at-home caregiver, don’t settle for a traditional overbed table that gets in the way compared to being helpful. Get the atHand Overbed Table System and see for yourself how simpler living or caring for someone with limited mobility or a disability can be. Easterseals has proven to be a leader in changing how we define disability and helping individuals of all ages, and we are happy to have our innovative product be recognized and promoted with their other great products. To learn more about all the features and to order a table system for you, visit the Easterseals’ Research & Technology Demonstration Center or visit www.integrantllc.com today.