The Best Type of Overbed Table for Easy Computer Use

woman with laptop on overbed table

If you’re in a situation where you or someone you love has limited mobility or has been put on bed rest, an over the bed tray table can be used as the perfect tool to help regain some independence by making it easier to do many of the everyday tasks you love. This includes using a computer!

In a world where technology plays an important part of our lives, many of us feel useless without having our personal computer nearby (I know that may sound extreme but it’s true). That’s why when you are required to be on bed rest, having an overbed table that easily allows you to use your computer is a must. Here are the qualities you should look for in an adjustable hospital table for when you need to make sure your computer is always readily available.

Adjustable Tray Table

The traditional bedside hospital table you typically find in hospitals and care facilities are the simple, very limited tray tables on wheels. They are height adjustable to some extent, but may not always be the most convenient. If you want true flexibility, especially when you’re working on your personal computer, you’ll want an over bed tray table that can easily adjust in height and rotate to the position you need. These features are very beneficial when you want to sit in a chair or relax in bed at different heights and send emails, write, watch videos, or simply browse the Internet.

Built-In Power Outlets

Let’s face it, without an electrical outlet nearby your bed, that computer is going to be useless once it runs out of juice. There are hospital bedside tables that conveniently have built-in USB and electrical outlets so you can keep your computer and other electronics charged at all times without reaching or getting up to plug in a device.

Extra Table & Storage Space

A hospital bedside table can be used for multiple situations besides working on your computer, including dining, reading, and having a convenient space to perform other daily activities. That’s why you want a table that has the extra space so you can work on your computer and still have other important items nearby such as food, medicine, mobile devices, pictures, and more. Plus, you can get an over the bed tray table that has optional attached drawers and additional shelves to hold more items to have within reach.

Adjustable Lighting

Anytime you can turn on an extra light without having to get up or ask someone to turn on the lights for you will be helpful. Yes, a computer has a backlit screen so you can see what you’re doing but you never know when extra lighting will come in handy. There are overbed tray tables that have built-in adjustable LED lights with multiple settings. This can help if you want a more intimate space while working or you want to take a break and read a few chapters of your favorite book.

Durable Body

When you’re on bed rest from pregnancy, or recovering from a medical issue and working on your computer, the last thing you want is to have a wobbly table and have your computer come crashing down to the ground. As much as an adjustable bedside table can be convenient, you need to be careful that you choose a table that can support your computer and can be easily moved. To help solve this issue, choose a table that has a strong steel frame, wide base, and reliable casters that make your table easy to transfer and make you feel safe as you work on your computer.

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