10 Ways an Overbed Table Can Improve the Patient Experience

1. Charge devices!

Whether yours, your patients’ or their visitors’ – conveniently keep them charged.

2. Increase patient independence!

Seniors with low vision have trouble finding items on cluttered surfaces – keeping them organized helps them be self-sufficient.

3. Improve food service satisfaction!

By not focusing on just what food is served, but also where it is served – on a clean, uncluttered tray table.

4. Make semi-private rooms more bearable!

Personalized, adjustable lighting means patients will be less disruptive to their roommates – at least in regards to lighting.

5. Increase Patient Safety!

Having everything close by means patients are less likely to get up and risk a fall.

6. Improve Diet!

Proper lighting can help patients with a decreased sense of taste and smell see their food better, which helps mitigate the loss of the other senses.

7. Make Visitors More Comfortable!

Having a place for everything means visitors won’t be greeted by clutter, trash or worse yet – a full urinal – on the table top.

8. Improve Hydration!

A spill-containing tray table and a convenient cupholder make it easy to keep beverages close by and encourage hydration.

9. Minimize Loneliness!

Patients that can easily keep their tablets or smartphones charged have better ability to keep in touch with loved ones.

10. Increase staff productivity!

When patients can safely do more for themselves, staff can be more productive.

What value are your overbed tables bringing?
Every room has one – why not get the most out of it?
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