How the Right Overbed Table Increases Productivity of Healthcare Professionals

nurse and patient using overbed tableImagine being a staff member at a care facility or an at-home Care Professional and constantly having to run back and forth to give your patient their phone, plug in a charger, deliver medicine, etc. These tedious tasks are never fun or easy but there is a simple change that can help eliminate this issue – the right hospital bedside table.

Think about it, when you picture a medical bedside table, what comes to mind? We bet you thought of your simple, boring, and non-convenient tray table connected to a four-wheel base. Sure, it can hold a few items like food, beverages, and your phone but after a while, all these items can pile up and you find yourself spending more time running back and forth than actually caring for your patient.

That’s why investing in the right over the bed medical table can serve multiple purposes for both staff and patients, including improving productivity.

Which is the Right Overbed Table?

That’s a great question and the answer is simple. The best overbed table comes with more convenient and functional features. Get an adjustable hospital table that has added storage space such as extra drawers or shelves attached to your typical tray table. There are also tables that have built-in power outlets so you can keep your mobile devices charged and close by. The right table will also have an attached reading light and an attached trash can. As you can imagine, an over bed table on wheels that has all these added features can make caring for patients more hassle-free and less time-consuming, giving you more time to focus on important tasks.

Better care for your patients, more productivity for you!

At the end of the day, a more versatile over the bed table can help you be more productive on what’s truly important. Instead of picking up dropped remotes, plugging in phone chargers, cleaning up spills and garbage, and delivering other items such as books or magazines, staff can have more time for proper care activities such as mental and physical exercises, delivering medications, and more. Patients can have all these items nearby and organized with extra storage space and more helpful features as part of their over bed table, which allows them more independence than any other medical table can offer them. As a Care Professional, you know how important a sense of independence is for patients and them not having to ask for everything. A more efficient medical bed tray table allows them to complete simpler tasks and have access to more important items, and you will be able to take better care of your patients because those tedious tasks will be a thing of the past.

The atHand® Bedside Table is the right choice.

When you talk about the right over bed tray table, you’re talking about the innovative, durable, and versatile atHand® Overbed Table from Integrant. We have rejuvenated your standard hospital bed tray table and modernized it with more storage space, adjustable LED lights, 4 USB and 4 plug outlets, and a more durable skeleton and base. The sleek design makes cleaning easy and the tray table can fold down for more compact storage. You and your patients will love everything the atHand® Overbed Table offers and how it can help staff be more productive.

Visit us at the upcoming 2017 OHCA Convention

Integrant will be one of the exhibitors at the 2017 Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Convention held on May 2nd, 2017 at The Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. The OHCA represents more than 920 skilled nursing care facilities, assisted living communities and providers of care and services to individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). The convention is a great opportunity to learn more about our atHand® Overbed Table and see how you can order yours for your care facility or practice. For more information on the OHCA Convention, click here.

For any questions and more information about the atHand® Overbed Table, contact us today at 440-628-9550 or request a custom quote.

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