Over the Bed Tray Table Uses, Features, & More

overbed table usesWe’ve all seen bedside tables in a hospital or nursing home.  But have you ever thought about using one at home?  When you think of the functionality of a typical bed tray table, you picture a simple table tray on wheels next to your bed, right? Yes, that’s what they’re mostly advertised for but what if you have an overbed table system that comes with built-in electrical outlets, added shelves and drawers, adjustable lighting, and an attractive design? Now that’s the type of hospital table you can do a lot with instead of a boring small tray on wheels. Whether you need it because your doctor has you on bed rest, pregnant, or just want the convenience of having a table with outlets by your bedside, there are many ways a fully-functional over bed tray table can be used around the home – here are the best and creative ways you can use yours.

Recovering from Surgery

There are many surgeries and procedures such as knee or back surgery where you may be stuck in bed or on the couch  afterwards (yes, it stinks!).  It’s important you feel as comfortable as possible and can still carry on with the majority of your daily activities, such as reading, watching tv, working on your laptop, and of course, eating. That’s why you need an overbed table that features added outlets to charge your mobile devices, storage space to hold books and magazines, room to eat, and adjustable lighting for nightly reading. If you just had a single table tray, you would have to constantly ask for help or risk further injury by getting up and grabbing something yourself – and we know that’s the last thing you need.

While You’re Pregnant

Giving birth is a beautiful thing but being on bed rest before the miracle isn’t as lovely. Not every woman has to go on bed rest but there may be cases where the doctor thinks it’s best, and even though it’s not ideal, you have another person’s best interest in mind (hint: he or she is sitting in your belly). The key to surviving bed rest is to keep yourself comfortable. You’re going to want to have drinks, snacks, devices, and books nearby.  Most importantly, you’ll want to stay busy and an adjustable tray table with multiple features where you can keep these belongings within reach and maintain some independence will be key to your happiness until your little bundle of joy arrives. 

As a Standing Desk

Yes, you read that right, a sleek, modern, and functional standing desk. You’ve seen them around and have heard the benefits of working on a standing desk – and in case you haven’t, standing desks help burn more calories compared to sitting down, can help lower blood sugar, reduce back pain, and may help you live longer. So, if you’re thinking of making the move to working on a standing desk, look to an over the bed hospital table that offers a wide tray to hold your computer, outlets so you can keep all your devices charged and make important phone calls, and extra shelves and drawers so you can keep important papers, supplies and personal belongings within reach.  If you need a break, it is easy to adjust the table height for use over a chair too.

Looking for the most durable, versatile, and most functional bedside table?

If you are recovering from surgery, on pregnancy- or medical-related bed rest, experiencing limited mobility for any reason, or looking for a bedside table with power as a standing desk or to use around the home for added convenience, the atHand® Overbed Table System from Integrant will deliver everything you need. The modern, sleek design and added features provide functionality that other over the bed tables simply can’t give you. It offers plenty of storage space thanks to added drawers and shelves, plus built-in electrical and USB outlets, adjustable height table, and adjustable LED lighting.

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    A cup holder, a trash bin, an open shelf basket, and a small storage bin.
    Add extra out-of-sight storage with an additional drawer.
    Adding an extra shelf provides a third storage area.