Why an Overbed Table Can Help Improve Food Service and Patient Satisfaction

Five years ago you may have thought the idea of staying in a hospital and having to eat disgusting and tasteless hospital food was your worst nightmare but not anymore. Today, we are seeing more hospitals break away from the traditional meals they would serve to adopt a more upscale or even hotel style room service menu. A new menu looks a lot like a 5-star restaurant and patients can now look forward to their daily meals. The reason for the change happened due to the Affordable Care Act, which allowed Medicare to pay hospitals more based on higher patient satisfaction scores. Now, changing the food menu and how it’s served is great, but improving patient satisfaction goes beyond the food itself.

Hospitals should focus on not just what food is served, but also where they serve it. Imagine ordering a delicious cilantro lime chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and then it’s served on an overcrowded hospital table next to a pile of used tissues and a urinal. All of a sudden that gourmet meal doesn’t sound so good right? Believe it or not, this scenario happens more than you think. The problem is that the typical hospital bedside table is just a table tray with little room and little functionality. Let’s go through exactly how a feature-rich, modern, and versatile system can help how you deliver the food to your patients and make them happier during their stay at the hospital.

More Room for Your Meal

One way to make food service at a hospital even better is to serve it on a table that has attached extra storage. Adding drawers or shelves to the table allows patients to keep important items and other personal belongings close by, yet off the tray. This leaves the space needed to enjoy the meal without having it in the middle of the clutter on the tray. Not only does this make it easier for hospital staff to deliver the food but patients can feel more at ease, with less clutter and fewer reminders of their situation, leaving them to focus on their food. Such a simple, often over looked thing can make a huge difference in patient satisfaction.

Convenient and Adjustable Lighting

If an overbed table system with additional storage sounds great, well, it gets even better when you add lighting!  We know a great meal involves all of the senses, but what good is a beautiful presentation if the patient can’t see it well?  Sometimes patients have poor eyesight or the lighting in a facility isn’t great.  But if they had a light with adjustable brightness right at their fingertips, they could see the gourmet meal more clearly, adding to the dining experience.

As we mentioned before, the last thing a patient wants to happen when they get served a meal is to have it placed on a tray table that is cluttered and overcrowded. That isn’t very appetizing. An adjustable rolling tray table with the versatility and function to adjust to the patient’s needs is a great way to improve the satisfaction of their stay. The next time staff delivers the meal to the table, the patient can be enabled with less frustration and fewer negative experiences. Plus, they can adjust the height so it’s easier to eat while sitting up in bed.

Give patients the experience they deserve with the atHand® Overbed Table System

If there is an opportunity to make the patient as comfortable as possible and deliver high-quality service, every hospital should take it, right? One great way to accomplish this is with the innovative, modern, and attractive atHand bed tray table system from Integrant. Integrant has created a system that changes the way you think about hospital bed tables.  It features a strong steel frame and a sleek body that not only looks attractive but gives a sense of independence back to the patient and makes care easier for staff. The atHand® Overbed Table System includes an adjustable height, swivel motion table, an open shelf, a drawer, a lighting system and built-in electrical outlets with USB connections. A table like this will be sure to improve patient satisfaction and is a great compliment to the upgraded food service many hospitals have transitioned to these past few years. As you can see, there is more than just how you prepare and deliver the food. Where you deliver these incredible meals can make a big difference too and the atHand® Bedside Tray Table system is the perfect product to have patients enjoy their meal. To learn more, please visit www.integrantllc.com and get yours today!

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