How Healthcare Professionals Can Stay Connected With An Overbed Table System

nurse and patient with phone

At one point, hospital IT departments were responsible for providing and maintaining the hardware and software that healthcare professionals used on the job. Today’s trend, however, is for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to carry their own smartphones or tablets at all times and to use them even while on the job. This is known as bring your own device or BYOD, and an overbed table system can benefit the healthcare professional and patient alike.

For healthcare professionals, BYOD is a way to use the device that each individual is most comfortable with. When medical professionals are able to use a piece of electronic equipment that they are thoroughly familiar with, it can help them to provide improved patient care.

Better Care of Patients Using BYOD

There are many advantages to allowing healthcare professionals to use their own devices on the job. Medical professionals often prefer to use a device that meets their individual needs rather than one that doesn’t support their workflow or personal preferences. There is less likelihood of struggling to figure out how to efficiently use the device because it’s already familiar.

Also, personal devices allow nurses and other medical professionals the ability to reference clinical materials instantly as well as being able to coordinate with other team members for clear communication.

BYOD Can Lead to Cost Savings

When healthcare organizations purchase devices, they also have to maintain them and regularly update them, which can be a resource drain and significant expense.

When healthcare professionals are allowed BYOD, on the other hand, it tends to improve communication and streamline productivity. So, not only does it save time, it also saves healthcare organizations money since employees typically purchase and maintain their own devices.

Recharging Personal Devices That Are Used in Healthcare Settings

Carrying personal electronic devices to various healthcare settings necessitates the ability to charge the devices and to stay connected.

Devices that are used continuously can quickly become drained of power and need to be recharged periodically. This could mean having to find outlets or USB ports throughout the day. A convenient way to plug in devices whenever needed is by utilizing an overbed table system that offers multiple USB outlets.

Staying Connected with an Advanced Overbed Table System

An overbed table system with multiple functions can make life much easier for patients and has many benefits for caregivers and medical staff. Plus, the atHand Overbed Table System keeps everything within reach, which helps prevent falls or accidental injuries.

Features of this overbed table that benefit staff and patients alike include:

  • USB outlets
  • Integrated electrical outlets
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Storage space

For caregivers and medical professionals, this means no straining to reach wall outlets, since power and USB outlets are right in the table. So, a caregiver who is carrying his or her own electronic equipment can easily recharge in the overbed table and won’t be distracted from patient care by trying to find a source of power.

The atHand overbed table system truly accommodates the needs of both patients and staff. Shop now or contact our team today to learn more about how the atHand Overbed Table System can benefit you, a patient, or a loved one.