The Cons of Alternative Overbed Table Systems

elderly using bed table

Picture this: You sustain a work-related injury or fall during your morning shower. Now you are out of commission—with little to no mobility—and have a doctor’s order to stay on bedrest. You wonder how you’ll be able to complete everyday tasks now that you are bedridden. A simple and cost-efficient solution for most is to purchase an overbed table system, which provides an organized space for you to complete work from home, storage for you to keep all your necessities gathered in one place, and a convenient and adjustable eating area.

Selecting a bed table can be a bit daunting, especially when there are so many similar products out there to choose from. But it all comes down to functionality and return on investment. Here is why you should choose an atHand® Overbed Table System over other alternative overbed tables:

Simple “Breakfast in Bed” Trays Are Monofunctional

Typically, overbed tables don’t have many features, save for an adjustable table tray and swivel casters that provide easy maneuvering. While this basic design is suitable for some tasks, such as eating meals or reading a book, it doesn’t offer much else.

As time passes on—especially on extended bed rest—the surface of your table tray can begin to get cluttered because there is limited or absent storage space. Accessibility to electronic devices and personal belongings needed for everyday life should be easy, not a constant struggle. With an atHand® Overbed Table System, you can accomplish this while maintaining your independence.

woman struggling to plug in charger with old overbed table

Lack of Modern Features

It isn’t enough anymore to just have a table tray to eat meals on. This is especially true in our current age of modern technology in which everything is digitized—even books and grocery shopping! As stated earlier, the majority of overbed table alternatives have a very simple design with no additional features.

With an atHand® Overbed Table System, however, the contemporary user is kept in mind with its state-of-the-art design of adjustable LED lighting and integrated USB ports and power outlets—which can be used for all your technological devices. Long gone are the days of struggling to access unreachable power sources.

Low Durability

While many overbed tables can boast of being made from durable materials, most generic overbed tables’ weight capacity is no higher than 50 pounds. Compare that to the atHand® Overbed Table System, which can withstand up to 100 pounds without sagging.

Limited Customization

The majority of overbed tables have a singular function, which is to provide a tabletop to eat, read, or write. The atHand® Overbed Table System, however, is multi-functional and can be customized to your own personal needs with additional accessories, such as an attachable trash bin and cup holder.

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