Essentials That Make Bed Rest During Pregnancy Easier

Woman touching pregnant belly

Bed rest during pregnancy is typically prescribed to reduce the risk of complications and help ensure both mom and baby are healthy. Whether prescribed partial or full bed rest, there are some things that no mom-to-be should do without. These essentials will make your time in bed much easier.

A Laptop

A laptop can quickly become your best friend during bed rest in the first trimester. You can use a laptop for everything, including work and play. From Zoom business meetings and emails to watching movies, listening to music, and playing games, a laptop can help you be productive and pass the time doing the things you enjoy.

To make sure you’ll be able to spend your laptop time as comfortably as possible, it’s important to have a sturdy pillow behind you to support your back, as well as a laptop table that provides a reliable surface, charging station, and lighting.


Whether you prefer the digital or traditional kind, books should definitely be part of any preeclampsia bed rest prescription. Do you have a bucket list of novels you planned on reading but never had time for? Now is your chance to shorten that list considerably.

Just like when using a laptop, ensuring you’re comfortable will be a top priority. Reduce back strain by supporting your arms when you read. An adjustable table will allow you to raise the surface for reading and then lower it when it’s time to enjoy a meal. It can also help to have a place to store your e-reader or stack of novels.

Healthy Snacks

We’ve all reached for not-so-healthy foods while watching a movie or reading, but, as your doctor probably advised you, bed rest and pregnancy are all about eating as healthily as possible. That being said, it’s always a good idea to have nourishing foods and beverages close by. A bedside table with storage ensures you never have to reach far for fruits, veggies, and other delicious snacks.

A Phone and Tablet

A picture of the Overbed Table System

If you’re planning on working while on bed rest, a phone will be essential for making or receiving calls. A tablet can also be a great item to have if you don’t have or need a laptop but want a larger screen for composing and reading emails, watching movies, or surfing Pinterest. Having stands for your phone and tablet can make them much easier to use, especially when you have the reliable surface of an adjustable bedside table.

When you’re able to do whatever you need and want while on bed rest, it’s easier to pass the time in an enjoyable way. Stylish atHand® Overbed Table Systems from Integrant, LLC are perfect for bed rest and pregnancy because they put everything you use within easy reach.

Our tables feature built-in lighting, charging stations, storage, and an effortlessly adjustable surface to provide you with whatever you need so you don’t have to get out of bed unnecessarily. Learn more about our innovative products by calling us today: (440) 628-9550.