Getting Enough Sleep? Helpful Tips for Multiple Sclerosis

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Sleep is important for everyone’s health and wellness, especially people with multiple sclerosis or MS. Unfortunately, individuals with MS often have difficulty sleeping. While having a hospital bedside table at home is convenient, you want to focus on better sleep because sleeplessness can exacerbate MS symptoms, such as fatigue and a lack of mental clarity.

Potential causes of MS-related insomnia include vitamin D and other nutrient deficiencies, side effects of MS medications, and daytime napping caused by fatigue. Pain, temperature dysregulation, and urinary and bowel symptoms, as well as depression and other emotional changes, can also affect sleep patterns.

A hospital bedside table with drawers at home can help organize items so finding things isn’t so stressful. However, there are many ways to get a better night’s sleep with MS, such as:

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can help you feel better and improve sleep. However, try to limit performing your routine to during the day. Plan your exercise for around four to six hours before bedtime, and vigorous exercise no sooner than three hours. Exercise stimulates the body and makes it more difficult to sleep if you work out at night.

Abstain from Smoking

Smoking can adversely affect your sleep patterns. It’s not a healthy habit anyway, and nicotine is a stimulant that can disrupt sleep if you smoke before bedtime. Therefore, cigarettes are not good to keep on new or used hospital bedside tables.

Watch Fluid Intake

Do most of your fluid intake during the day, and don’t drink much before bedtime if going to the bathroom during the night keeps you awake. Urinate just before you go to bed. Also, avoid beverages that make you urinate more often, such as alcohol or caffeine.


Try to clear your head of the day’s problems before bed. Helpful activities include breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and listening to music when the lights are off. Meditation can help as well.

If you can’t fall asleep after 15 minutes, find a relaxing activity such as reading or working on a puzzle. Focus on something that requires effort and which eventually makes you feel tired. Watching TV doesn’t burn enough energy to help in this manner.

Have a Consistent Routine

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Schedule a time to get up and go to sleep every day. Don’t change your routine by more than an hour on the weekend; regularity will keep your biological clock in check. Also, create a ritual (changing into pajamas, brushing your teeth an hour before bedtime, or winding down by reading, listening to calm music, or writing) that signals your mind and body to slow down. Don’t read or use your smartphone in bed.

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