Great Ideas for Bedroom Enhancements and Upgrades

The modern bedroom interior design and blue wall texture background

When you look at your bedroom, do you find it peaceful and comfortable? Does your bedroom look dated and out of style? Maybe you are looking for ways to make enhancements so you can age in place and remain in your home.

We invite you to check out these great ideas for bedroom enhancements and upgrades to give your bedroom a new look and feel.

1. Add some color to the walls and ceiling.

Dark colors and tones are trendy in the bedroom right now. They bring coziness and warmth to the room so you can relax and rest easier. When choosing colors, stick with one primary color for the walls, one color for the ceilings, and a color that complements the walls or ceiling for trim.

2. Use wood or wallpaper in place of paint.

Another trend is to use wood planks in a dark finish and secure these to the wall. They can be used to create a stunning headboard for your bed or on the entire wall. Some people also opt to use wallpaper with a pattern they enjoy, such as a dark blue night sky theme with stars.

3. Upgrade to smart LED lighting.

Smart LED light bulbs can reduce your electric bills. They make it easy to adjust the brightness of the lights without needed a dimmer switch. Plus, you do not have to worry about getting in and out of bed to turn lights on and off, as you can control them right from your smartphone or tablet with an app or by using a personal assistant device like Alexa.

4. Clean up excess clutter.

Keep floor spaces clear and free from clutter you don’t need in the bedroom. Open up space by making changes to furniture layouts. Remove any excess furniture you do not need. Having more space makes it easier to move around the room without stubbing toes or tripping.

5. Lower the bed so it is easier to get into and out of.

If you have a bad back or other mobility issues and are finding it difficult to get into and out of bed, your bed frame may be too high off the ground. Lowering the bed frame makes it easier to firmly place your feet on the ground before standing to get out of bed. When it is time to get into bed, you can sit down first and still maintain your balance.

6. Get an adjustable overbed table system.

man using of the athand overbed table

There are several different configurations of adjustable overbed table systems to choose from, such as an overbed table with storage drawers and a tray table. You can relax in bed and have somewhere to place your laptop, do the crossword, or eat while watching TV.

Plus you can keep pens, paper, medications, or other essentials within easy reach in storage drawers. You can even charge your devices with USB ports and power outlet ports. Best of all, with an overbed table with wheels, you can move the table from the bedroom to the living room and other areas of the home too.

To learn more about adjustable overbed table systems and configuration options, please feel free to browse our online store or contact atHand® Overbed Table System at (440) 628-9550  today! Our overbed table systems are perfect for a variety of uses for people of all ages.