Have Several Weeks of Bed Rest? Find the Good in Bed Rest and Recovery

man using tablet on overbed table

No one likes being stuck on weeks of bed rest when we get sick, are pregnant, have broken bones, or are recovering from a surgical procedure. Before you start to dread being stuck in bed and stop following your doctor’s orders, let’s look at how you can find the good in best rest and recovery.

  • Enjoy the time off work. If you have to take a leave from work, it can be easy to worry about everything that will be piling up. Instead, treat the time like you would a vacation and remain disconnected from work. Work will be there when you are ready to return.
  • Make doing things you like easier by getting an adjustable overbed table. An overbed table system makes it easier to use your laptop, charge smart devices, read books, or eat. The table system has storage drawers so you can have your medications or anything else you need nearby as well.
  • Don’t fight being confined to bed. Some people can object to being stuck in bed and want to get up and move around too soon. Take advantage of being able to sleep in and not having to follow a set schedule.
  • Adjust your exercise routine. If you are worried about not being able to exercise, talk to your doctor about exercises you can do while confined to your bed. There are flexing, stretching, and bending exercises you may be able to do.
  • Move your TV into the bedroom. You can have a family member or friend move your TV into the bedroom so you can still watch your favorite programs.
  • Get the rest you need. The best way to recover faster is by getting plenty of rest. If you are sleepy, take a nap. Your body will appreciate it.
  • Stay connected with friends and family. Just because you are confined to bed doesn’t mean you cannot still talk to your friends and family. You can call them or arrange a video chat session so you can see them.

asian family waving at family member on facetime

  • Accept help from family and friends. Your family and friends will probably offer to help prepare meals and do household chores for you while you recover. Take advantage of this help and about not having to cook, clean, do dishes, laundry, or other household chores.
  • Spend the time doing things you want. Think about the things you like to do but normally never seem to have the time to do. Use this time to do those things while you recover, such as arts, crafts, putting puzzles together, playing video games, etc.

By using these tips, you are sure to find the good in bed rest. Before you know it, you will recover and be able to get up and out of bed. Even after being taken off of bed rest, remember to follow your doctor’s orders until you make a full recovery.

Once you no longer need your overbed table in the bedroom, it is easily transportable and can be used for many different purposes, like a TV tray in the living room or as a portable desk. For further information about our overbed table systems, please feel free to contact atHand® Overbed Table System at (440) 628-9550 today!