What a Modern OverBed Table Means for Your Healing Process

When recovering from an injury or illness, it is imperative that you are comfortable and can rest easily. This includes having access to a variety of items and elements all within arm’s reach. When all your necessities are nearby including medication, cell phone and comfort items like a magazine, staying in bed can prevent injury and help your body’s natural healing process. There are many overbed tables to choose from, but when you’re bedridden for a while, having a modern overbed table that fits in with your bedroom decor can make the required piece of medical equipment seem less intrusive. Plus, a modern overbed table is designed to bring you comfort and peace of mind with plenty of storage places for things like a remote control and e-book reader.

The Health Benefits of a Modern OverBed Table

Did you know that the average cost of a fall is about $14,000? No one wants to fall out of their bed while they’re trying to retrieve their necessities. And, no one wants to fall period. With a modern overbed table, you can stay in bed where you need to be and have everything you want close at hand. Every 11 seconds, an elderly adult is treated in the emergency room due to a fall. While this can be avoided with in-home care, that service is expensive. Invest in a modern overbed table and curb the need to get out of bed. It’ll no longer be necessary simple to look for needed items.

Recovering with an OverBed Table

Post-op bed rest is made easier with a modern overbed table. When recuperating from knee, hip, back or ankle surgery to name a few post-op situations, you have limited mobility. This means it’s hard to access all your daily essentials unless you have a modern table close by that store’s everything required for the day. A modern overbed table with power outlets and USB ports, additional accessories, shelves, and drawers can charge your laptop, store your reading light, hold pain medication and allow you to recover from surgery in a more enjoyable manner.

Bed Rest Requires an OverBed Table

Anyone assigned to bed rest because of pregnancy or another health condition should have an overbed table that will hold everything needed for as long as bed rest is required. It’s easier to stay positive and focus on good health when you have a table close by that has adjustable lighting for working or reading, drawers to hold pens and paper and power plugs for charging a mobile phone.

There are many other reasons why a modern overbed table would make the best choice for a supportive piece of medical or care equipment. Recovery from injury, going through chemotherapy and aging in place are more situations where a modern overbed table makes sense. With the atHand OverBed Table System, you or your loved one can focus on health and healing, without worrying about making health worse with a slip or fall. Learn more about the atHand Overbed Table System.