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Give you and your staff more freedom as our all-in-one overbed hospital table offers patients more independence, safety, and comfort that can’t be found in traditional medical or hospital tables.

assembled in the USA

What separates atHand with other hospital bed tables are the multiple features that make caring for patients easier and time-efficient for caregivers like you. With the versatility of adjustable LED lighting, integrated electrical and USB outlets, plus plenty of storage space with drawers, this premium, patent-pending, adjustable-height bedside table gives patients more independence and allows staff to focus more on care activities. Our hospital table with drawer offers more storage than any other table.

The atHand® Overbed Table System allows you to instantly add additional power outlets to a patient’s room without the need for costly remodeling and instantly adds an upscale, state-of-the-art feel for your patients.

features of the at hand tale

“It is so refreshing to finally have a bedside table in our industry that can truly accommodate all of the patients’ and caregivers’ needs!” 

Heather S.
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator