Choosing the Best Overbed Table for Your Home

front of the athand overbed table system

We all love options, right? Whether it’s choosing a meal from our favorite restaurant, what show to watch on Netflix, or what clothes to wear. The freedom of choice is a powerful thing and having options means we can weigh everything and choose something that makes us happy. And when it comes to choosing the best adjustable bed table tray system for your home because of health issues, this guide will help you navigate the many options available.

You’re probably used to the traditional medical bed tray table where it’s essentially a side table attached to four wheels. There’s only enough room for a few items like a meal and a phone, and you find yourself trying to make more room for everything else you want (or need) close by.

If you’re bedridden or have mobility issues, it’s important to know that adjustable overbed tables can offer you much more flexibility and convenience. So, how do you know if you need a traditional hospital breakfast table or one with more features?

Finding the Best Overbed Table for Your Needs

We’ve put together 8 simple questions to see what option is best for your situation.

  1. What items are around you? Take inventory of the items you or your loved one keeps close at hand. Most likely if confined to that space for long periods of time, there are a lot of things on the bedside tables—phone, remote controls, books and magazines, food and drinks, medications, maybe even an extension cord or power strip.
  2. Are these items easy and safe to reach? More than likely some items will be, but not all of them.
  3. Are the items neat and organized? Knowing where essential items are located and keeping them in the same place is important to feeling secure and comfortable.
  4. Is the table easy to clean and is a trash bin within reach? A traditional overbed desk doesn’t have an attached trash bin, so chances are more trips will be needed to get rid of the debris of everyday life.
  5. What requests are made repeatedly? If you or the person you care for often asks to plug in chargers, turn on lights, bring medication, or reach things, a high-quality overbed table can provide the solutions.
  6. How long are you or your loved one in the space where the overbed table is needed? If you are in a bed or recliner the majority of the day, a versatile over the bed table whose height can be adjusted will make this time a lot more comfortable by having important items nearby and not needing to ask for assistance.
  7. Is it safe to get up independently, or is assistance needed? For those with mobility challenges, you will want a table that has important items within reach so there is less risk of a fall getting up for everyday items.
  8. Does mealtime take place in that space? Turning a laptop cart into a dining tray and back again is much simpler with extra storage for tablets, meds, phone or other items that could take up valuable space on the tray.

Which Overbed Table Is Right for You?

Now, after you have given these questions some thought, which rolling bedside table do you feel is right for your situation? You probably have realized that a single tray table can only do so much. When you rely on this table because you or your loved one is not able to move freely, a table that can offer extra storage space, electric outlets, a trash bin, and a reading light will be safer and more convenient for everyone.

If someone you’re caring for is bedridden or confined to a chair, you want to provide the best adjustable bed table tray system available. Going beyond the abilities of a medical table or rolling laptop desk, an overbed table provides a sense of independence and peace of mind for caregivers, knowing the one they care for has everything they need for comfort and safety within easy reach.

That’s why we recommend going with the convenient, durable, and versatile atHand® Overbed Table System—with plenty of storage space thanks to a drawer and shelves, plus built-in electrical and USB outlets, adjustable height table, and adjustable LED lighting.

Whether recovering after surgery, on medical-related or pregnancy bed rest, receiving home hemodialysis, or experiencing limited mobility for any reason, this over bed table is a great way to make your life as a caregiver a little easier, and help your loved one feel more comfortable and independent.