How to Improve Quality of Care and Convenience in Healthcare

There is no doubt that access to quality health care can have a direct impact on lifelong health. Unfortunately, many have experienced barriers in the health system which negatively affected both their ease of access to services and the level of care they received. Even so, a few solutions to improving healthcare quality and convenience do exist.

Wait Times

A significant concern among patients is the wait time. The ability to get through to reception to make an appointment is a very common issue, and the time a patient will need to wait between making the appointment and being seen by a doctor is another. Waiting in an emergency department or doctor’s office is another concern, as these wait times can be lengthy.

A hospital bed tray table can provide convenience for those waiting at home, the doctor’s office, or the hospital. The hospital bed tray table with a drawer can put everything a patient needs within reach, allowing them to feel at home as they wait.

Knowledge and Expertise

Patients have expressed concern that their healthcare provider didn’t have adequate knowledge of their health history due to not gaining a complete understanding. These issues can be remedied when professionals invest in the building of relationships with their patients.

Many patients are also doubtful that their provider has the expertise needed to treat their particular issue. This may be due to the provider not providing sufficient education to the patient about their range of available locations for treatment. Here again, making patient relationships the primary focus would sufficiently address this.

Treatment and Behavior

How a patient is treated at the facility they visit makes a notable difference to their perception of that facility. Considering what the patient themselves experience when needing medical care can be an important step to improving care quality. For example, patients who are given a means of distraction while in a facility can reduce their stress and prevent the worsening of their condition.

A roll-over bed table can provide patients with several options to increase their comfort and convenience. When a patient has somewhere to put their belongings and a way to be more comfortable, they can know that a facility cares and will treat them with respect every time they visit.

Innovationwoman adjusting led lighting

Facilities that are constantly seeking new and improved means of treatment and service offerings will retain more patients and be able to provide higher quality care. Although it may not seem significant, even replacing used hospital bedside tables with modern products that increase convenience for both patient and caregiver can make a significant impact on patient care quality.

The hospital tray tables from atHand® Overbed Table System (Integrant, LLC) offer the innovation and convenience that doesn’t interfere with health care provider access to patients, while giving patients the modern conveniences they need, including LED lighting, USB ports, and storage options. Our modern and durable tables can be used either in a healthcare facility or a patient’s home. Look through our website to learn more about our products.