How to Prepare Your Home When Recovering from Surgery

caregiver and older patient using overbed table

After surgery, your home can be a safe and comfortable environment to recover, but you must consider making a few adjustments. Cleaning your home and installing a laptop tray table for your bed are just some examples. Setting up a temporary bedroom downstairs avoids having to navigate stairs and overexerting or potentially injuring yourself. Here are some other important preparations:

Clean Your Home

Clean your sheets, towels, carpets, dishes, and clothes, as well as your bathroom, to eliminate infection-causing bacteria. Purchase cleaning supplies in advance—then they’ll be available once you’re able to do light cleaning again. If you hire a cleaning service post-surgery, there will be plenty of supplies to work with.

Get Rid of the Clutter

If unused items are filling up open space, get rid of them beforehand. You can also rearrange furniture to make it easier to navigate from room to room. If extra space will be required for medical equipment, make sure your home is set up for it.

Make Your Home Safe

Secure any carpeting and smooth it out and remove area rugs you can slip or trip on. Loose cords should be removed or hidden. If any items can be knocked over by a cane, crutch, or scooter, move them somewhere safe.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Check the expiration dates of items in your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry; if anything is expired or about to, throw it out so you don’t risk any food-related illnesses during recovery. Stock up on canned/frozen goods and prepare meals to freeze ahead of time. Also, store foods, kitchenware, and cooking supplies where you can easily reach them.

Get Your Bathroom in Order

In addition to stocking up on products such as shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper, set up your bathroom so it’s easier to use. You can replace doors with curtains, put a chair and slip-proof mat in the tub, install a handheld showerhead and raised toilet seat, and put in handrails near the toilet and in the shower. A shower sponge with a long handle can help with cleaning when you’re less mobile during recovery.

Adjust the Lighting

Standing Desk Brown In-use

Even if you use a laptop table for a bed with a light, you’ll need adequate lighting throughout the house. Install a nightlight in your bedroom and the bathroom. You can never be too cautious during recovery, even if you’re used to getting around with little light. Remote-controlled dimmable lighting can be managed without getting up. Opening the windows can let in natural light to boost your mood.

Get an atHand® Overbed Table System

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