How I Talked to My Mother About Additional Care

usb and power outlets in the table

It was during the holidays a few years ago, that I began to realize that my mom was having some trouble keeping up with the holidays. Her holiday cooking was perfect as usual, but I noticed that she had trouble with some basic tasks and she was also moving more slowly than usual due to her painful hip.

It was at this moment I realized that our roles were slowly changing. My mom needed more help and support, but I wasn’t sure where to start. She wasn’t open to the conversation in years past and I was nervous to bring it up again. How do I talk to her about her well-being, when all she ever cared about was me?

At the end of the evening, I made a cup of tea and sat down with my mom. I explained to her that I was concerned about her health and safety and wanted to know how she was feeling about things like her mobility, safety at home and if there was an emergency, what is her plan?

At first, my mom didn’t want to discuss the subject. Her eyes welled up a little. After some reassurance that I just wanted to help her, she finally opened up to me about a few of the frustrations and concerns she had.

After learning more about my mom’s needs, I realized that she would benefit from having an adjustable bedside table that would prevent her from injuring her hip. Instead of her having to get up multiple times a day for small tasks, a customized overbed table system would reduce the number of times she would need to get up, thus reducing the risk of her falling or straining her hip further.

My mom wasn’t thrilled about the idea at first but warmed up to it after we had added her personal touches to it. We added an accessory kit and plugged in her laptop and cell phone, so she was always ready to Facetime with her grandkids. Then, we placed her prescriptions in the additional drawers, which made it easy for her take her medicine on time every day. The light was her favorite feature, allowing her to read comfortably in any position.

I went to visit my mom a few weeks after and I was surprised by what I saw. Not only was my mom in a great mood, but she seemed well-rested and happier overall. The overbed table allowed my mom to use this time for rest, which reduced the pain in her hip. Seeing my mom like this made my eyes welled up with tears and I realized how grateful I was to have helped her.

Becoming the main caregiver for my mom was hard, but by having open communication, I could help her with the things she would never have asked for help with. The greatest gift from the atHand Overbed Table System is the new relationship and trust I have with my mom and the independence she has gained from it.

I hope my story can inspire you to have this and other important conversations with your family when the time comes. You will be thankful you did.