How to Work from Home with an Overbed Table

atHand® Overbed Table System - Adjustable Tray

Working from home is a way of life for many people today. If you’re temporarily toiling from your bed, you may be wondering how to stay productive and healthy. An overbed desk can offer you many benefits; join us as we explore all of the ways this great tool helps you get things done.

Adjust the Overbed Table’s Height

When you’re trying to get work done in bed, back support is crucial; after all, you’ll be on your computer for several hours at a time each day. Hunching over your laptop will only cause you lots of pain and can negatively impact your posture.

The right laptop table for bed will help your back and neck by being adjustable to any height. This is important because your forearms should be at 90 degrees when working on your laptop for maximum comfort. Also, in being able to raise your table to any height, you’ll ensure that your head and neck are tilted back instead of forward, which can help you avoid painful muscle strain and spine misalignment.

Ensure You Have the Right Lighting

The right lighting is crucial; it’s not only healthier for your eyes but prevents eye strain that can make work more difficult. Any lighting should be available within short reach of your bed or, even better, be located right next to your laptop. Request a custom adjustable LED laptop light for your beside table.

Of course, knowing when to turn your light on is as important as knowing when to turn it off; the blue light from laptops and some light bulbs can keep you awake, causing you to get less sleep than you need.

Limit Distractions Until After Hours

Working on a laptop tray table for your bed can mean having to deal with distractions. Be clear about your work hours and let others know that, during those hours, you will be as unavailable as you would be at the office.

Resist distractions that are in front of you, too; limiting time on social media, online gameplay, or other activities to your breaks and after your workday will help you get more done.

Have What You Need Nearby

picture of the overbed table system

Having to get up constantly to grab a pen, important files, snacks, and other items you need during work can chip away at your productivity. Not only that but, if you’re in bed on doctor’s orders, having to get up several times throughout the day may not be the best idea.

This is where it can be a real benefit to have an adjustable bed table with storage and accessories for all of your important items; this way, everything you need to take you through your workday is within arms’ reach.

Integrant LLC’s atHand® Overbed Table System provides everything you need to work comfortably from home. Our stylish table gives you a spacious and adjustable table surface, USB ports, one-touch lighting, and more. Visit us online or call to learn more: (440) 628-9550.