How to Make the Most of Your Overbed Laptop Table

an old man using laptop table

Limited mobility can be very frustrating without the right support tools. Whether you’re anticipating a few weeks of rehabilitation, several months of bed rest or permanent mobility impairment, it’s important to maintain independence and productivity. The atHand Overbed Table’s convenient laptop tray, storage compartments, and versatility make setting up a home workspace quick and easy.

5 Ways to Optimize your In-Home Work Experience

1. Adjust Your atHand Overbed Table for Greater Comfort

Proper ergonomic techniques help prevent wrist and neck strain while working on a laptop. Whether you’re sitting in a chair or reclining on a bed, it’s crucial to use correct body positioning. Slide the tray up and down to reach a height that ensures your hands are at the proper typing position. Rotate the tray nearer or push it away to arrive at the correct reach distance.

The atHand Overbed Table provides you with a comfortable desktop surface, whether you’re lounging on the bed, sitting straight up in a chair or laying back in a recliner.

2. Control Illumination

Your laptop is equipped with a backlit screen, but extra lighting is practical for jotting down notes and reading documents. The atHand table’s three-level LED lighting ensures proper illumination without creating an annoying reflection on your screen. Its flexible gooseneck keeps the light shining on your task, not in your eyes.

3. Keep Equipment Fully Charged

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a low-battery warning and not being able to reach an outlet. The atHand Overbed Table has an 8-foot electrical cord that easily stretches to nearby wall outlets. Once plugged in, its four convenient outlets are right at your side and ready for use. There are even USB ports to charge your handheld devices.

4. Organize for Greater Efficiency

Having an assortment of trays, totes, and boxes all around your bed is not conducive to rest or productivity.

The atHand Overbed Table’s open compartment provides easily accessible space for essentials such as pens and notepads. The storage drawer can hold charging cords, a mouse, and USB storage drives, when not in use. Optional add-on accessories such as Cradle Stand™, and other additional accessories can also help keep you organized and clutter-free.

5. Reclaim your Living Space

When you’re confined to a bed or chair, visitors must come to you. It’s nice to know that when guests arrive, your living or sleeping area is easy to maintain. Simply stow your laptop away and fold down the tray. The smooth-rolling casters help to slide the table system to the side and out of the way. You’re ready to visit with friends, and your office is cleverly disguised until it’s time to work again.

The atHand Overbed Table System provides you with a means to enjoy a fulfilling and productive life regardless of limited mobility or bed confinement. Set up a comfortable and convenient bedside office and get back to the business of living.