Live Easier with a Spinal Cord Injury with the Right Overbed Table System

an old man reading newspaper in bed

Do you suffer from a serious spinal cord injury? Does your injury prevent you from completing simple, everyday tasks? Anytime you live with an injury or disability that gives you limited mobility, one of the toughest parts is gaining a sense of independence back. With spinal cord injuries, many individuals will have to get comfortable performing everyday tasks from a wheelchair. It’s important that you find a wheelchair that meets your needs and improves your quality of life but it’s also important to surround yourself with other beneficial tools and devices – such as an overbed table system.

Now, we’re not talking about the simple tray table on wheels you see at the hospital. Those tray tables don’t give you much flexibility, they are just an easy way to eat your meals or keep a select few important items near you. Being in a wheelchair, you have limited mobility and are typically in one location for long periods of time when not in the wheelchair. That’s why having an overbed table that comes with multiple features such as built-in electrical outlets, adjustable lighting, and added storage can make a huge impact. Let’s take a closer look at how the right overbed table can help individuals living with a spinal cord injury.

Keep All your Important Items Nearby

Being limited by a spinal cord injury shouldn’t mean having limited access to important items. There are many times being on bed rest or in a wheelchair that you don’t have the right amount of storage to hold all your personal belongings. With an overbed table system by your side that has added drawers and shelves, you can store everything you need to make yourself more comfortable and give you independence. Imagine being able to store your laptop, mobile phone, favorite book, snacks, or other personal belongings within reach and not having to constantly ask for help retrieving them. This is what extra storage space on an overbed table can do for you.

Always Keep your Electronics Charged and Ready for Use

We understand how keeping important electronic devices within reach are to any individual. They help us stay connected with our friends and loved ones, they keep us up to date on current events, and you can perform multiple tasks through countless apps. However, you won’t be able to do any of these things if they run out of battery. Choose an overbed table that has built-in electrical outlets and USB ports that make it easy to charge your devices and not have to worry about finding an outlet, dealing with extension cords, or straining to reach for an outlet.

Improves your Quality of Life

Living with a spinal injury is no easy task but it’s also not a time to feel sorry for yourself. You can still have the ability to live a quality life and be productive. There may be times where you feel you can’t accomplish much but having an overbed table system that offers multiple features that help keep you busy is very helpful to gain a sense of independence. It allows you to have important belonging within reach and not having to always ask for help, you can have enough space to enjoy a big meal and not feel cluttered, charge your devices so they’ll always be ready to use on the go, and you have the room to work on your laptop or perform other hobbies. Staying busy and productive is important for your mental health and having a tool like the right overbed table can be a big reason you live a happier and more productive life.

Discover Ultimate Convenience and Flexibility with the atHand Overbed Table System

When we talk about all these great benefits of an overbed table system, there is one product that delivers it all and much more – The atHand Overbed Table System from Integrant. If you’re looking for versatility, safety, and comfort, it doesn’t get better than this overbed table. The modern, attractive design is both durable and strong. Plus, it comes loaded with features that make living with a spinal cord injury much less stressful. It comes with added drawers and shelves to hold more personal items, has built-in USB and power outlets, adjustable LED lights and table height, plus has room to have a trash bin so you can easily throw away food and beverages when you’re done with them. It also has a wide support base for premium durability and four large casters that make it easy to transport on hardwood, carpet, and tiles. There truly isn’t much this table system can’t do.

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