Maintaining Mental Health While on Bed Rest

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If you were recently prescribed bed rest by your doctor, it’s because they want you to be as healthy as possible. Yet bed rest can be frustrating; the feeling of confinement and missing out on life can most definitely have a negative effect on mental health. These tips will help you keep your mind engaged and your mood lifted while you’re on bed rest.

How Can Bed Rest Affect Mental Health?

Bed rest is a significant and difficult change. Suddenly, you’re no longer able to do things the way you used to. This can cause you to feel sad, anxious, depressed, and even fearful. All of these feelings are natural reactions to significant change, making it important to incorporate the following for top mental and physical health.

Have a Routine

Putting a daily routine in place will help you stay productive, but it will also allow you to maintain normalcy in your new situation. Normalcy is incredibly important to your mental health, and a schedule will give you purpose, helping you to move more easily through your day.

Nourish and Move Your Body

A healthy diet is essential to faster healing and a sound mind. Stash plenty of fresh fruits and cut vegetables in your overbed table with storage and eliminate processed foods as much as possible. Hydration and in-bed exercise are equally essential, as both help every organ, including your brain, to function at optimal levels. They’ll also help your body flush toxins more efficiently.

Take Time to Relax

The feeling that you should always be doing something can be especially acute when you’re on bed rest—but not taking time to relax can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Meditating can be a great way to stop and center yourself. Even if all you do is close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes, this can be enough to have a relaxing effect.

Acknowledge and Release Emotions

You’re probably experiencing a range of emotions about being on bed rest, but ignoring or suppressing them isn’t good for your body or your mind. Instead, acknowledge that you’re having these feelings and that it’s okay to feel them. Then release them by writing them down in a journal at your adjustable overbed table or calling a friend.

Make It Easy to Do What You Love

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Just because you’re on bed rest, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in your preferred activities. Thanks to overbed desks, you can have your laptop, books, files, sketch pad, or anything you wish within easy reach to keep you occupied and your mind focused on the positive.

The Perfect Addition to Any Bed Rest Routine

Being on bed rest can be productive, relaxing, and healthy. With an atHand® Overbed Table System from Integrant, LLC, you can work, play, eat, or relax in convenience, ease, and style. Learn more about our full line of laptop tables for bed and other products by calling (440) 628-9550.