Making Patient Safety a Top Priority

isolated black baby anti-slip socks on a white background

More and more adults are choosing to remain in their homes as they age. There is much to be said for the benefits of aging in place and, thankfully, there are many great products which can help to increase safety and enjoyment in their home. Consider these if you are a caregiver or family of a loved one with limited mobility.

Non-Slip Socks

This product is an ideal combination of safety, affordability, and comfort. When an individual can’t or doesn’t want to wear sneakers in the home, non-slip socks can offer the warmth of a sock without the slippery sole. These socks are available in thicker material, but they can also be found in thinner fabrics so that they can be worn with shoes.

Bedside Mats

Used in both hospital and home settings, the bedside mat offers protection and patient safety in the event of a fall when getting in or out of bed. Most of these mats are made from high-impact foam or another shock-absorbing material that reduces the risk and severity of an injury. They are available both in single mats and in tri-fold varieties that cover a larger area.

Non-Sterile Gloves

For those who are caregivers, non-sterile gloves are a critical part of hand hygiene. After cleaning the hands, non-sterile gloves are ideal for several instances of patient contact, including prior to initial contact, before cleaning or sterilizing, after exposure to body fluid or blood, and following any contact with a client or contact with their environment.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are secure rails that are ideal for anyone needing additional stability to move safely around their home. Available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, grab bars allow independent movement, which helps with tasks that may otherwise require assistance to be completed. This versatile product can be installed virtually anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens, and even at the bedside.

Safety Alarms

Senior woman hand pressing Alarm Button, closeup

A personal safety alarm offers peace-of-mind because it notifies you when a loved one is in possible danger. A safety alarm can be worn or it can be installed anywhere where potential hazards may exist. They are available in pressure- and motion-sensitive varieties and can be effective in bathrooms, bedrooms, and on windows and doors to increase aging in place home safety.

An Overbed Table System

Tray tables are a critical piece of furniture for elderly loved ones because they allow needed items to be placed within reach, eliminating the need to get out of bed unnecessarily. However, products like the atHand® Overbed Table System from Integrant, LLC offer all the benefits of aging in place home modifications without any of the mess.

Our overbed table systems have bright task lighting and power plugs for devices, as well as plenty of storage for snacks and books. The large, easy-glide table makes it very simple to move out of the way when getting up, and it can be raised or lowered as desired. Discover the benefits of an overbed table system. Look through our website today.