Other Uses for an Overbed Table with Storage

atHand® Overbed Table System - Storage Cabinet & Tray

An overbed table is useful in hospitals to ensure the comfort of patients or for people who are working from home. It is possible to use an overbed table with storage in your home for convenience while studying, making meals, or using your computer.

What are the best uses for an overbed table with storage?

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tedious, so using accessories that help you complete daily activities efficiently is important. Has your doctor recommended that you take bed rest? An overbed table can come in handy to help you eat your meals in bed without straining your back. If you are working remotely, then the table can act as a working station. You can also place any essential items or medications in the storage compartments.


After undergoing an operation, the body needs time to rest and to regain its strength. The overbed table will make eating, reading, and other activities hassle-free. If the doctor has prescribed medications or drugs to relieve the pain, you can store them in the storage compartment.

Desk Space

Overbed tables have adjustable features that allow you to adjust the height to your preference. The storage compartment offers ample space for you to keep your books and various documents. It also has sufficient space to write and work effectively. You can conveniently handle office tasks with this comfortable table.

Elderly People

This type of table can help aged and bedridden people properly store their essentials such as medicine and food. Caregivers can stock the necessary items in the storage space, allowing the person to easily reach those items even in the absence of the caretaker.

The table allows elderly adults to remain in bed, preventing accidents in the house when they are alone. If you have a loved one who spends a lot of time in bed, you should invest in this resilient table.


Chemotherapy is a procedure that aims at destroying cancerous cells in the body. The process can drain energy from you and moving around the house can be quite challenging.

The overbed table can help you store all essentials near your bed to minimize your movements in the house. Also, the anchoring of the table will help you position yourself better while studying or enjoying your meals to avoid overstraining your back muscles.

You can also store your medications and other essential items. If you enjoy the art of drawing or writing, the table provides adequate space to assist you in advancing your talent.

Is an Overbed Table Right for You?

The overbed table has limitless uses and is not restricted to just hospital use. You can invest in this table to make your home a more convenient place for eating, studying, and storing essential components. If you want to buy an overbed table today, visit us online or call us today to learn more: (440) 628-9550.