Picking The Right Equipment: A Guide To Improving Safety And Comfort at Home

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When your loved one has limited mobility, picking the right equipment to support daily tasks is important. Whether you have a parent who is ill, a wife who is on pregnancy bed rest, or any family member who is on post-op bedrest, having a supportive tool for mealtime, reading, and storing essentials is a big help. When looking for home health care equipment for your loved one, the atHand Overbed Table System is ideal.

The atHand Overbed Table System features a variety of elements that make things easier for those you care about. It offers several surfaces, storage areas, and a design that keeps those who are bedridden comfortable. And, it promotes safety by keeping necessities within easy reach, reducing falls out of bed.

The atHand Overbed Table System is Perfect for Many Home Health Scenarios

There are a variety of scenarios in which home care equipment like the atHand Overbed Table System can provide assistance.

Reducing Falls for the Sick, Infirmed and Bedridden

No one wants to think that their loved one could fall out of the bed and get hurt; however, it’s always a possibility. Even the sick, infirmed and bedridden who have a 24-hour nurse may try to get out of bed to retrieve an item. With the atHand Overbed Table System, the need to get up and move around is reduced. Falls and injuries are cut down. The investment in an atHand Overbed table system can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills should a fall or injury occur.

Consider that:

  • Every 11 seconds, an emergency room treats an elderly adult who has fallen.
  • Every 9 minutes, an older adult sustains a fatal fall.
  • Roughly 87% of all fractures in elderly people is attributed to a fall.
  • The average cost of treatment for a fall is $14,000.

Care for Aging in Place

When loved ones choose to age at home, it can be stressful to plan out their care needs. You might constantly worry about falls and injuries, and the emotional state of your family member that is likely forced to deal with limited mobility. The elderly who are aging in place need to have what’s important to them close by. It’s important for your loved one to have their medication, books, food, hobbies, TV remote and many other items that are not always within arm’s reach. The atHand Overbed Table System helps aging adults meet their needs so that they can enjoy having what they require and cherish close by. With this one piece of home health care equipment, safety and peace of mind are addressed. The atHand Overbed Table System features power outlets, USB ports, and lighting, plus plenty of shelves and organizational space.

Treatment for Hemodialysis at Home

Many people opt for dialyzing at home instead of being at the mercy of someone else’ schedule, and instead of receiving treatment in an unfamiliar place. When your loved one needs to take time for home hemodialysis, the atHand Overbed Table System is perfect. It’s large enough to hold all the items that might be displaced by a dialysis machine that needs to be placed on a nightstand. We created the ideal companion to medical equipment, giving your family member much-needed table and shelf space for medical supplies to be kept on hand or stored neatly away. There’s plenty of room for cell phones (and a place to charge them), books, hand sanitizer, water cups and more.

Treatment for Chemotherapy at Home

Loved ones who are going through chemotherapy at home are often tired. They may need to get plenty of rest and might simply want to spend most of their time doing quiet activities in bed. The atHand Overbed Table System allows chemotherapy patients to comfortably eat meals, read, knit, work or do whatever they’re up for from the comfort of their bed. Our adjustable table meets the unique needs of the patient, and it can easily be moved out of the way when sleep is desired.

Additional Applications

The atHand Overbed Table System isn’t just a moveable tray table. It’s a supportive system that’s attractive enough to want to keep in the house, versatile to meet a range of needs, and innovative so that you save money and enjoy peace of mind when caring for a bedridden loved one’s unique and numerous needs.

Other scenarios in which home medical equipment support accessories like the atHand Overbed Table System can offer comfort and safety include:

● Pregnancy Bed Rest
● Post-Op Bed Rest

Features of the atHand Overbed Table System

With the flexible atHand Overbed Table System, your family member benefits from the following features:

Adjustable LED Lighting – With the atHand Overbed Table System, choose from 3 lighting levels on 2 adjustable LED lights, one for reading and one that acts as a nightlight.

Ample Storage and Drawer Space – Standard setup includes 1 open shelf and 1 shelf with drawer. Swivel, slide and adjust the height of the table for comfort and confidence.

Integrated Electrical Outlets – There’s no need for electrical cords with the atHand Overbed Table System. It comes with integrated outlets, USB and power outlets, to charge a cellphone, medical equipment and more.

The atHand Overbed Table System offers a smooth design that doesn’t have any crevices or caps, which makes cleanup easy. It helps you keep germs away from your loved one who may have a compromised immune system. This and many other smart design features of the atHand Overbed Table System make it the right piece of equipment for elderly care at home. And, it’s also the perfect piece of home medical equipment for any family member with limited mobility. To learn more information, contact us by completing our simple online form or giving us a call at 440-628-9550.