Picking a Bedside Table: Which Is Best for You?

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While your bedside table is probably the first and last thing you see every day, people usually don’t put much thought into choosing one; for most, choosing a bedside table usually comes down to stylistic choices.

Style may be important, but it isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing a bedside table—especially with so many options available!

Things to Consider

The perfect bedside table should do more than just look good; it should also fit well alongside your bed and, perhaps most importantly, your lifestyle.


A bedside table should be about the same height as your bed if not an inch or two taller or shorter. However, taller tables are usually best since they are usually more comfortable to use while you’re still in bed. By contrast, short tables often require uncomfortable movements just to reach your belongings.

If you truly love lounging (don’t we all?), perhaps consider an overbed table. With the extra height and flexibility, you can keep everything in front of you without having to always reach to the side to put down a book or take a drink of water.


The best shape for your bedside table is whichever one that fits best with your bed orientation and room size.

For example, square or rectangular bedside tables are ideal for beds placed against walls or in corners. However, small or round tables are often better for odd corners and compact spaces.

Table Size

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The size of your table is another important consideration, especially if you like to keep your belongings nearby. While a small bedside table is fine for people who don’t keep more than a phone or clock (or anything) beside their bed, large- or medium-sized bedside tables are often necessary for lamps, clocks, drinks, books, or other things.

Further, if you like to work or relax in bed, extra-large or overbed tables can provide you with enough space for everything from books to entire meals. Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Storage Options

Consider a bedside table with storage options if you plan to keep more than the essentials close by or if you simply want to keep your belongings stored away while not in use.

Most bedside tables offer many storage options, with simple drawers being the most common and convenient. However, some bedside tables also offer built-in cabinets for even greater storage capacity.

Mobility Features

Whoever said your bedside table has to stay in one place? A bedside table on wheels allows easy cleaning and, for those with overbed tables, getting in and out of bed with ease.


While style is an important consideration, it’s best left to your own unique tastes. Note, however, that extra-slim and overbed tables are usually neutral enough to work flawlessly with almost any décor.

Finding Specialty Bedside Tables

Overbed tables, home hospital tables, and other specialty bedside tables can be difficult to find at regular furniture stores. For more information about how an overbed or hospital bedside table can help improve your lifestyle, call us at 440-628-9550!