To all the moms-to-be on bed rest before delivery, it may seem like life is going to get tough, but it can be easier.


The atHand Advantage

During this time there’s nothing more important than keeping your spirits up and feeling comfortable, not just for you, but the health of your baby as well. There are many things you can do to stay positive and busy but you’ll need to have access to them. That’s what atHand®Overbed Table System gives you – it’s more than just a tray table to hold items. It gives you the ability to maintain some independence without constantly having to ask for help or risk getting up when it’s not needed. You’ve seen traditional bedside tray tables at the hospital.  Now you can have one with luxury features to use at home and make being on bed rest, safer and convenient while you wait to meet your newest member of the family.


pregnant woman drinking coffee while staring at blank laptop

Give yourself the comfort of knowing you have everything you need to pass the time before your beautiful baby arrives, with added conveniences that other tables can’t provide. We’re the only over the bed table to offer extra lighting, additional drawers and storage, powered outlets and USB connections. If you’re looking for the best overbed table, then look no further.