Facts You Need to Know About Bed Rest During Pregnancy

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If you have a high-risk pregnancy or certain medical conditions, your doctor could prescribe bed rest during pregnancy. The objective is to reduce any risks of going into labor premature and allow the expectant mother to carry her baby to term. Bed rest and pregnancy can disrupt the regular routines of everyone in the house until the new baby arrives.

What Is Bed Rest?

Bed rest is a general term used when someone is pregnant and needs to reduce or limit what they can and cannot do. They also typically are required to remain at home until they deliver their babies. They are not allowed to drive, go shopping, or engage in other activities that could be considered risky behaviors.

Types of Bed Rest

In general, you can expect reduced activity that prevents you from walking long distances and limits how long you can be on your feet. Bed rest could require resting in bed with your feet propped up and only being allowed to get up to shower, use the bathroom, and eat.

It could also mean you are on restrictions, such as having to lounge on the sofa during the day instead of doing laundry or cleaning the house. Bed rest may even mean that your doctor has put you on a restricted work schedule.

It is not uncommon, come the third trimester, for your doctor to have you reduce the number of hours you work. In some cases, they may recommend you go on leave several weeks or months before your due date.

Additionally, bed rest could mean limiting what you can and cannot do around the home. For instance, you may be told not to lift anything heavy, pick up your children, do any household chores like laundry, mopping floors, etc. Your doctor might even tell you to avoid using the stairs.

In some cases, some expectant mothers are put on bed rest and required to remain in the hospital until the delivery of their baby.

Reasons Bed Rest Is Prescribed or Recommended

There can be a variety of reasons why your doctor may prescribe or recommend bed rest including:

  • Prior Complications During Pregnancy
  • Prior Miscarriages
  • Prior Pre-Term Delivery
  • Spotting/Bleeding
  • Preeclampsia
  • Problems/Conditions of the Cervix
  • Multiple Babies (Twins, Triplets, etc.)
  • Premature Labor

How to Make Bed Rest Easier

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If you are placed on bed rest, make sure you understand what it is you can and cannot do. Your doctor may allow you to spend short periods out of bed. In other cases, they may want you in bed all the time other than to use the bathroom or bathe.

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