Being Pregnant and on Bed Rest Doesn't Have to be a Pain!

Add More Convenience, Independence, and Happiness with the atHand® Overbed Table System

To all the moms-to-be who have been ordered to go on bed rest before delivery, it may seem like life is going to get tough, but it can be easier.

The atHand Advantage

During this time there’s nothing more important than keeping your spirits up and feeling comfortable, not just for you, but the health of your baby as well. There are many things you can do to stay positive and busy but you’ll need to have access to them. That’s what atHand®Overbed Table System gives you – it’s more than just a tray table to hold items. It gives you the ability to maintain some independence without constantly having to ask for help or risk getting up when it’s not needed. You’ve seen traditional bedside tray tables at the hospital.  Now you can have one with luxury features to use at home and make being on bed rest, safer and convenient while you wait to meet your newest member of the family.

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Pregnant Women
AtHand®Overbed Table

Give yourself the comfort of knowing you have everything you need to pass the time before your beautiful baby arrives, with added conveniences that other tables can’t provide. We’re the only over the bed table to offer extra lighting, additional drawers and storage, powered outlets and USB connections. If you’re looking for the best overbed table, then look no further.

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Enjoy the Benefits of having atHand by Your Side!

atHand® Overbed Table System

Personalize Your Setup

Swivel, slide and adjust the table to the perfect height for your comfort and convenience. Rotate the tray table over the bed or chair when you need it, or tilt the light to just the right angle.

USB and power outlets right in the table

Power Up Your Devices

Stay in touch with your loved ones at all times with integrated USB and power outlets right on the table to charge up your mobile devices.  No extension cords or reaching and straining to get to the outlet!

adjusting LED Lighting

Adjustable LED Lighting

Choose from three light levels, with two adjustable LED lights so you can catch up on your favorite books and television any time of the day – also great for a night light!

overbed table with additional drawer

More Storage = More Comfort

The American Pregnancy Association suggests keeping items close by such as water, snacks, phone, pens, journal, cosmetics, hairbrush, books, etc.  But where can you put them all?  Easy – the atHand® Bedside Table System includes plenty of storage space to keep all these items within reach and organized.

sagging or wobbling

Durable and Versatile Design

With a strong aluminum spine, wide support base, and easy-to-roll casters, our hospital bed table system is built to last. The tray table can hold up to 100 pounds with zero wobbling or tipping, making it stable to hold all the important and needed items. The four casters roll effortlessly on both carpet and hardwood floors, plus can be locked in place to keep the table anchored in place.

Tray Folds Down for More Versatile Compact Storage

Quick and Easy Cleanup

The sleek design of the atHand tray table leaves no gaps or crevices where dirt and germs can build up which makes it easy to keep clean. Plus, you can simply fold the tray table down for more compact storage when not in use.

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AtHand® Bedside Table After Bed Rest

You’ll Keep Using the atHand® Bedside Table After Bed Rest

Our table is ideal for anyone on bed rest, but it still offers amazing functionality that you’ll keep using even after you are no longer on bed rest. Take a look at some of the great ways you can keep using the atHand® Over the Bed Table System.

  • Laptop Table
  • Home Workstation
  • Portable Office Space
  • Utility Table

You can continue to use the table anywhere in your home:

  • In Your Bedroom
  • In The Baby’s Room
  • In the Living Room
  • In the Garage
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Hear Why People Love Our atHand® Overbed Table

“Wow, I can’t begin to express to you how impressed I am with your company and I will definitely recommend you to anybody that I know that may also have a need for such a table. It is so rare these days to have such a stand up company, that is customer and quality orientated.”

– Kristina, Caregiver to her grandmother

“Recently, I’ve noticed huge influx with patients going home right after surgery…with fresh hips, fresh knees, post-stroke. This table is great for them”

– Alexandria, Occupational Therapist

“I no longer have to worry about disturbing my wife or wear a headlight when I read at night”

– Levi, Diagnosed with MS

“Having all these compartments I think is fantastic. Having electrical outlets on it, additionally, is great. ‘Cause that was always an issue for us”

– Sherry, Caregiver to her Father

“A lot of my patients have decreased vision or range of motion—having their things close by is important”

– Renee, Home Healthcare Nurse

The atHand® Overbed Table System is a must-have if you’re pregnant and have been ordered to be on bed rest. Try our table today!

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    A cup holder, a trash bin, an open shelf basket, and a small storage bin.
    Add extra out-of-sight storage with an additional drawer.
    Adding an extra shelf provides a third storage area.
    Compact, yet stable, ergonomic holder for smart phones, tables or pads