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black open shelf for overbed table
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Additional Open Shelf


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Adding an extra shelf provides a third storage area. It can be used with or without an additional drawer.

  • 2 Access openings to hide wires
  • Great for displaying books, framed photographs, and other personal items
  • Attaches easily to atHand Overbed Table System

Enjoy Added Convenience with the Additional Open Shelf

How do you get more organization and independence from a medical bedside table? That’s easy, you get the atHand® Overbed Table System with the additional open shelf attachment. Our table system stands above the rest due to all the great features and the extra open shelf attachment adds a third layer of storage that can be used with or without an additional drawer. It easily connects to our existing table system and is the perfect tool to help keep personal belongings by your side and easily reached whenever you need them.

Additional Storage Benefits

Unrivaled Convenience – Take advantage of the additional open shelf for extra storage space for those must-have items. The extra open shelf lets you see clearly where everything is and you don’t have to constantly ask for assistance to grab an item such as your phone or a book to read. You can’t get this added convenience from other tables!

Patient Independence – Whenever someone is on bed rest or has limited mobility, it’s important they feel comfortable and have a sense of independence. Regular hospital overbed tables don’t give you that with just a single tray table. That’s why our table with the additional open shelf lets you keep important items within reach so you don’t always have to ask for help or feel incapable of completing simple tasks.

Peace of Mind for Caregiver – As a caregiver, you can’t be around your loved one or patient at all times, which means sometimes they will have to be able to care for themselves. The additional open shelf makes it easier for patients to have more of what they need nearby and helps ease the fear of a patient potentially injuring themselves while reaching for an item that’s too far. Caregivers love that our over bed table provides this much needed extra storage space!

Don’t settle for a traditional overbed or bedside table, get the most out of one with our versatile, attractive, and durable table system.


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 6 in

Black, Brown