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adjusting led lighting
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woman on laptop using overbed table
old man in bed with ipad
man eating at overbed table while watching television
old man using laptop table

atHand® Overbed Table System

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Standard Includes atHand table with power and USB ports, two shelves, one drawer, and two lights

$ 399 99

Deluxe  Includes standard features, plus accessory kit

$ 439 99

Silver Includes deluxe features, plus an additional drawer

$ 464 99

Gold Includes deluxe features, plus additional open shelf

$ 474 99

Platinum  Includes deluxe features, plus an additional open shelf and two additional drawers

Best Value $ 499 99
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High Quality, More Versatility and the BEST Overbed table for your home!  If you are looking for more functionality, a height adjusting tray, and additional storage at your side – atHand provides everything you need.

  • 4 Electrical Outlets
  • 4 USB Ports
  • 2 Integrated Lights with 3 Brightness Levels
  • Tray rotates 90° towards user
  • 29 in-44 in Height Adjusting Tray
  • 8 Foot Power Cord
  • Fits Under Standard Frame Mattress
  • Fits Under Hill-Rom Lift Bed
  • Quick and Easy Touch on/off Lights
  • Assembly Instructions

These days there are many different overbed tables to choose from, but if you’re looking for the BEST product that will surpass your needs and expectations, look no further than the atHand® Overbed Table System. This product is more than just an overbed table with wheels. It’s comfortable, functional, and versatile, and it offers a variety of unique features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Notable Features

A high-quality adjustable bedside table is one that offers all of the features and functionality that you need in order to comfortably heal after a surgical procedure or while you’re making the most of your time on bed rest.

If you browse the market, chances are you haven’t come across an overbed table that meets all of your needs. The atHand® Overbed Table System seeks to be the product you need. It offers features that go above and beyond what you’d expect from an overbed table system.

We’re proud to offer the only rolling bed table that includes:

  • Four (4) Electrical Outlets
  • Four (4) USB Ports
  • Two (2) Integrated Lights
  • Tray rotates 90° towards user
  • 8 Foot Power Cord Included
  • 29 to 44 inches Height-Adjusting Tray Designed to Hold Up to 50 Pounds
  • Universal Fit Under Home Mattress
  • Quick and Easy Touch On/Off Lights

With this overbed bedside table, you can do almost anything from the comfort of your bedroom. This includes using a laptop, reading a book, eating, and much more.

An image of the atHand® Overbed Table System that shows its adjustable LED lights for both reading and nighttime activities.
An image of the back of the atHand® Overbed Table System that shows its integrated USB and power outlets design.
An image of the atHand® Overbed Table System that shows its drawers and tray in action.
An image of the atHand® Overbed Table System that shows that it has a table tray that can rotate and be height adjusted.

Who Can Benefit from an Overbed Table System?

The atHand® Overbed Table System was designed to fit the needs of various consumers. The product offers the perfect combination of functionality, comfort, and versatility to be useful for patients on bed rest or even someone who is looking for a functional standing desk in their home office.

The bedside table on wheels can be used by the elderly, patients who undergo at-home hemodialysis or chemotherapy, an expectant mother who has been placed on bed rest, and anyone who is recovering from an operation that impacts mobility.

Limited mobility increases the risk of injury, but it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your independence. The atHand® Overbed Table System was created to help everyday people maintain their freedom and independence without the fear of re-injury.

So whether you’re an elderly person who suffers from limited mobility or a young woman expecting her first child, our overbed product is sure to make your everyday life much easier. You can also maintain a sense of independence by having everything you need within an arm’s reach.

Why Our Product Is the Best

As mom always said, you get what you pay for. While the atHand® Overbed Table System is expensive, don’t let the cost steer you away from getting a product that offers daily life-changing benefits. The good news is that the overbed table system is available in various models that range in price.

Our standard overbed configuration costs $399.99 and includes power and USB ports, one drawer, two shelves, and two lights. The middle-ground configuration is the silver model, which includes all deluxe features (standard + accessory kit), as well as an additional drawer for extra storage.

The most expensive option is the platinum configuration, which includes all deluxe features, as well as an additional open shelf and two additional doors.

If these price tags are still a bit high for you, you’ll be happy to know that we also offer a payment plan to lessen the impact on your wallet. To spend the least amount of money, consider renting a table instead of buying it.

Our rolling bedside table rentals cost $69.99 a month for (3) three months. All rental tables include:

  • Adjustable table
  • One drawer
  • Two shelves
  • Two lights
  • Four USB ports
  • Four electrical outlets

Whether you choose to rent or buy an atHand® Overbed Table System, you can have the peace of mind that your hard-earned dollars are being spent on a product that will make your life easier, safer, and more convenient.

Order Yours Today

Facing limited mobility but want to be as independent as possible? There’s no better day than today to order an atHand® adjustable bed table. Our product is designed to make everyday life easier for anyone and everyone.

Call our team at (440) 628-9550 or email us to learn more.

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Additional information

Weight 78 oz
Dimensions 48 × 25 × 15 in
Product Weight

60 lbs

Shipping Weight

78 lbs


50 pounds


23″ long x 13″ wide


29″ to 44″ from the floor


90° towards user


8 ft




Three years, limited

Additional Information

See FAQs for additional details


Standard, Delux, Silver, Gold, Platinum

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This tray table is the best option out there if you need one in your home. Purchased the accessory kit as well as a third shelf and two additional drawers. The tower light is really convenient. Using two drawers for all meds and pills along with the open shelf and tray up top. Having storage and the accessory kit moves everything that would sit on the table out of the way, and the table is available for use.

Joseph, verified buyer December 2018