Height Adjustwoman in bed using atHand tableThree ShelfOutlet Viewadjusting led lightingman eating over overbed table while watching televisionTwo Drawer and KItold man in bed with ipadwheels on overbed tablecomparison between atHand and other overbed tables on the market
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Height Adjust
woman in bed using atHand table
Three Shelf
Outlet View
adjusting led lighting
man eating over overbed table while watching television
Two Drawer and KIt
old man in bed with ipad
wheels on overbed table
comparison between atHand and other overbed tables on the market

atHand® Overbed Table System

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Standard tray table  with power and  USB ports one open shelf, one with drawer, gooseneck and  and nightlights

$ 699 99

Deluxe  standard, plus accessory kit

$ 739 99

Silver deluxe plus an additional drawer

$ 764 99

Gold deluxe, plus additional  open shelf

$ 774 99

Platinum   deluxe, plus an additional open shelf and two additional  drawers

Best Value $ 799 99 99
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(14 customer reviews )

Ever wonder why there’s an overbed table in every hospital room?  It’s because they are remarkably convenient.  We take that a giant step further by designing in:

  • Electrical Outlets
  • USB Ports
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Ample Storage
  • Customizable Set Up

*Usually Ships within 24 Hours.

athand® at glance

overbed table with all the features listed


See how atHand compares to other
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how AtHand compares to other overbed tables on the market

Additional information

Weight 78 oz
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 12 in
Product Weight

60 lbs

Shipping Weight

78 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

48 x 25 x 15 in


100 pounds


23″ long x 13″ wide


29″ to 44″ from the floor


45° towards user


8 ft




Safety agency listed (UL, CSA)


Three years, limited

Additional Information

See FAQs for additional details


Standard, Delux, Silver, Gold, Platinum

14 reviews for atHand® Overbed Table System

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    Definitely purchase the accessory kit as ALL of the items useful — either attached to the overbed table, or on the tray table, or on another surface. The accessories help to organize things for better storage so that the tray table wasn’t cluttered with stuff that had to be reshuffled or removed every mealtime.

  2. Flora (verified owner)

    I got this table for Christmas 2017. I am not handicappedl, nor an aging person, I just wanted a high quality bed table with storage to prevent mess. I love relax on the bed and surf the net and play small games after a long workday as it is my only “private” location at home I can have… This table is fantastic, very expensive, though, but very solid and convenient. The wheels slide very smoothly on carpeted floor. I am a small and light lady and the table is heavy and may require some strength in my arms to move it but overall, it is very feasible to move the table all around. I also ordered at the same time the accessory kit that is a must have in my opinion if you like to live in a well organized place. I also just ordered the extra open shelf with drawer. I really do not regret my wonderful gift and even recommend it for anyone who “work” or relax a lot from a bed or a long chair.

    I forgot to add that it was very easy to assemble it. The size of the box is very impressive and super heavy but once all the parts out of the box, it was very easy to assemble it. I did it on my own so you don’t need any strong arms to help you!

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    I have tried 3-4 other overbed table/desks and this is way above average. Try searching for different color and orientation.. the price appears very expensive but read what this table does.

    Well made and excellent product.. can’t be compared to others.

  4. happy customer (verified owner)

    Looked for a side cabinet with tray table for my elderly father for a long time. He likes to keep his favorite things stashed nearby and this table has been perfect. He likes to do things for himself, and this table system supports those efforts. The rounded edges are great. A part was broken upon arrival, and the company sent a replacement for the piece immediately. I appreciate the thoughtful design and it has worked out well since it’s purchase well over 6 months ago. I highly recommend this table set—I bought the accessories too!

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This tray table is the best option out there if you need one in your home. Purchased the accessory kit as well as a third shelf and two additional drawers. The tower light is really convenient. Using two drawers for all meds and pills along with the open shelf and tray up top. Having storage and the accessory kit moves everything that would sit on the table out of the way, and the table is available for use.

Joseph, verified buyer December 2018