Height Adjustwoman in bed using atHand tableThree ShelfOutlet Viewadjusting led lightingman eating over overbed table while watching televisionTwo Drawer and KItold man in bed with ipadwheels on overbed tablecomparison between atHand and other overbed tables on the market
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Height Adjust
woman in bed using atHand table
Three Shelf
Outlet View
adjusting led lighting
man eating over overbed table while watching television
Two Drawer and KIt
old man in bed with ipad
wheels on overbed table
comparison between atHand and other overbed tables on the market

atHand® Overbed Table System

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Standard tray table  with power and  USB ports one open shelf, one with drawer, gooseneck and  and nightlights

$ 699 99

Deluxe  standard, plus accessory kit

$ 739 99

Silver deluxe plus an additional drawer

$ 764 99

Gold deluxe, plus additional  open shelf

$ 774 99

Platinum   deluxe, plus an additional open shelf and two additional  drawers

Best Value $ 799 99 99
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Ever wonder why there’s an overbed table in every hospital room?  It’s because they are remarkably convenient.  We take that a giant step further by designing in:

  • Electrical Outlets
  • USB Ports
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Ample Storage
  • Customizable Set Up

*Usually Ships within 24 Hours.

athand® at glance

overbed table with all the features listed


See how atHand compares to other
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how AtHand compares to other overbed tables on the market

Additional information

Weight 78 oz
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 12 in
Product Weight

60 lbs

Shipping Weight

78 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

48 x 25 x 15 in


100 pounds


23″ long x 13″ wide


29″ to 44″ from the floor


45° towards user


8 ft




Safety agency listed (UL, CSA)


Three years, limited

Additional Information

See FAQs for additional details


Standard, Delux, Silver, Gold, Platinum

14 reviews for atHand® Overbed Table System

  1. Julie

    I purchased this table for my Mom. She lives over an hour away, so I’m always looking for things to help her since I can’t be there as much as I’d like. She has severe arthritis and doesn’t get around very well, so she spends a lot of time in bed. I felt horrible when she fell out of bed when she was reaching for the remote that had fallen on the floor. We had cobbled together some bins on her nightstand because she has a lot of stuff that she wants close by, but it obviously wasn’t working very well. I ordered this table because of the drawers and shelves. When it arrived, we discovered it had so much more to offer. The reading light is great. She can pull it close to whatever she is reading and not have to stretch to turn it off. The outlets make it easy for her to keep her phone charged and there seems to be a place for everything she needs. It’s also very sturdy and the tray is level – not like the cheapo tables I’ve seen before. I would definitely recommend this to others!

  2. Heather S.

    I would highly recommend the atHand® Overbed Table System. I have had the pleasure of working in the skilled nursing/rehabilitation and assisted living setting for 25 years, and have used dozens of different overbed tables, but this table offers such a variety of capacities and benefits at an affordable price, in comparison to the other models on the market. After recently trialing this system in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center setting, there was a lot of positive feedback from the patients and caregivers. As an Administrator, one of the most attractive features that this table offers, is that it is a complete storage system, where patients can put their valuables for safekeeping, and can utilize the different storage options, to save room on the actual bedside tray table. This bedside table truly helps minimize clutter and allow the tray table to actually be utilized for a food tray, or during a nursing treatment, ultimately improving infection control. It can solve space issues in the patient room, which can be all too prevalent in many facilities.

    The light and the power connection that are built into the bedside table are located right at the patient’s fingertips, assisting with safety concerns for both patients who might try to get up unattended, as well as alleviating trip hazards for caregivers working in the room. Providing easier access for patients at their bedside for such items such as Kleenex, trash can, lighting, power supply for phone and electronics, and storage for personal belongings, can also help reduce call light response issues, and make patients less reliant on staff for menial tasks, allowing the caregiver to focus on more important things for the patient’s medical care.

    The atHand® Overbed Table System is manufactured with the highest quality, and is much more durable than the standard bedside tables sold in the industry. The material it is made of is easy to keep clean and holds up to strong disinfectants. The casters move with ease, making this mobile system a much sturdier solution than the standard bedside table. It is so refreshing to finally have a bedside table in our industry that can truly accommodate all of the patients’ and caregivers’ needs!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Very handy system we are using for gram. nice to see some innovation in home health care for those caring for loved ones at home….

  4. Mary (verified owner)

    A very practical table, love the flexibility of where the lamp can be attached, etc!

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    I really like my atHand table. I can be productive as well as organized. Thanks for creating this!

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This tray table is the best option out there if you need one in your home. Purchased the accessory kit as well as a third shelf and two additional drawers. The tower light is really convenient. Using two drawers for all meds and pills along with the open shelf and tray up top. Having storage and the accessory kit moves everything that would sit on the table out of the way, and the table is available for use.

Joseph, verified buyer December 2018