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tray elevations black
Standing Desk Black
at-hand 1 drawer 1 shelf w accessories brown flpd
Standing Desk Black
hemodialysis on bed table
wide base detail brown
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led light on overbed table
woman with laptop on overbed table

Adjustable Laptop Table and Standing Desk

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Working from home is flexible and convenient, especially for those who have hectic schedules or commutes. These days, a growing number of employers are allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to having to come to the office.

If your employer offers the ability to work from home, you’ll need to set up a home office space so that you can continue to be efficient and productive. Design a comfortable and innovative home office space with the atHand® standing desk. This desk can also be used as a laptop table for your bed, which means you can start your day from the comforts of your bedroom!

Adjustable Laptop Table and Standing Desk

Our Laptop Table for Bed is also a Stand-Up Desk With Amazing Health Benefits

We’re all used to sitting at a traditional desk, but, if you’re like most desk workers, you’re often left with neck and back pain from sitting too long or from poor desk posture. The good news is that a standing desk may be able to eliminate these everyday aches and pains while also offering other health benefits.

With a stand-up desk, you may be at a lower risk of:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

Standing desks have also been shown to increase productivity. With a height-adjustable standing desk or laptop desk for bed, you’re able to sit or stand whenever you please, which means you’re spending less time trying to get comfortable. Instead, you can stay focused on work.

Stay Organized & Productive

Having a messy desk is a nightmare for getting work done. With the atHand® computer laptop table desk bed tray, you have access to everything you need to stay organized. This means no more wasted time finding an important printout or having to locate a pen.

Our height adjustable laptop desk offers everything you need for the ideal at-home office. This product offers LED lighting, four electrical outlets, four USB outlets, and drawers, which means that you’ll have everything you need within arms-reach.

Work Even When You’re Sick

Many people choose to call out of work when they’re sick because they don’t feel well and they don’t want to spread germs to their teammates—but have you ever taken a whole day off, only to feel better after getting a few extra hours of sleep?

Another perk of owning the atHand® adjustable laptop table for your bed is that you can work even when you’re feeling under the weather. Being sick doesn’t have to leave you a whole day behind in tasks. Because this laptop desk is adjustable, you can work from bed, your living room, or anywhere else in your home.

Make the Switch Today

Working from home is a huge benefit for desk workers. Make your at-home days even more productive with the atHand® adjustable desk, which can be used as an adjustable laptop table for a bed. Improve your productivity while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of working from home.

Order yours today!

Additional information

Weight 78 oz
Dimensions 48 × 25 × 15 in
Product Weight

60 lbs

Shipping Weight

78 lbs


50 pounds


23″ long x 13″ wide


29″ to 44″ from the floor


90° towards user


8 ft




Safety agency listed (UL, CSA)


Three years, limited

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