Room Designs Suitable for Senior Living

old couple sitting together and drinking coffee

As seniors continue to get older, the design of their homes might need to change to fit their needs as well as their wants. Room layouts for senior living are important to consider if you have an elderly person in your life.

The right floor plans can allow a senior to stay at home longer and avoid having to go to a white-walled assisted living community.

Even if the elderly person in your life is in a senior community, there’s no reason their space can’t be an accurate representation of who they are and what they need.

So, what does the perfect layout for a senior home look like? It needs to be functional, practical, spacious, and stylish. Let’s look at how different rooms should be laid out in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Clear the Walkways

It’s important to make sure hallways are clear and free of things like rugs that could get pulled up or electrical cords. This is especially important for seniors who walk with a cane or walker. Even those who don’t can easily trip on such things, and it could lead to a fall.

There are plenty of products that allow you to tuck cords and cables safely away, or you could simply stick them behind different pieces of furniture.

Rug tape is a great way to secure area rugs and runners, but, if you’re still worried about someone tripping, it’s best to just get rid of the rugs in high-traffic areas, altogether.

Make Things Accessible/Convenient in Their Bedroom

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own bedroom, so it’s one of the most important areas of a senior’s home where they should feel safe. The best way to do this is to make things accessible to them.

Think about your loved one’s daily routine and the things they’ll need. They should be able to have a phone nearby, and/or a computer if they use it. If they take medications upon waking up, those should be easily accessible, too.

One of the best ways to make sure things are easily accessible right away is with an adjustable hospital bed table, like the atHand® Overbed Table System.

With a convenient tray, electrical outlets, USB ports, adjustable LED lighting, and plenty of storage space, this table system is perfect for any senior who wants to be as comfortable as possible in their own bedroom or for one who might have to stay in bed frequently.

old man in bed with ipad

A Functional Bathroom

Another important room in the house for senior safety is the bathroom. It’s so easy for seniors to have issues with falling, slipping, etc. in bathrooms. If your loved one is already in an assisted living community, there’s a good chance there are already handicap-accessible options.

However, there are additional things you can do whether they’re at home or in a senior living community. To start, try placing a comfortable seat in front of the sink, or even in the shower. This will allow your loved one to rest without the fear of slipping while they’re getting ready for the day.

Grab bars should also be installed all over the bathroom, including in the shower and by the toilet, so the seniors in your life can easily pull themselves up or catch themselves if need be.

The Right Design for Functional, Comfortable Living

There are many other things to consider when you’re designing an ideal space for a senior. From furniture without sharp corners to patterns and colors that can be easily seen, it’s important to pay attention to the details and think about what your aging loved one might need to be comfortable.

If seniors in your life want to feel more comfortable at home or in an assisted living community, we recommend an adjustable hospital bed table like the atHand® Overbed Table System. It will allow them to maintain a certain quality of life even from the comfort of their own beds. So, while you prepare the rest of their home for comfortable living, they can enjoy their typical creature comforts without having to give up their independence, thanks to the atHand® Overbed Table System.