Senior Home Safety & Security: A List of What You Should Make Sure They Have

If you have a senior loved one who is living independently, there are many things you can do to help them feel safer and more secure in their home. Although some of these items may not seem like they’d be effective at improving your loved one’s quality of life, the truth is that you’ll both be pleasantly surprised by the difference they make.

Plenty of Space

Creating space by moving certain items off the floor will help your loved one’s home look more organized and also eliminate the risk of tripping. Bags, books, electrical cords, and shoes can all be relocated for clearer and safer paths through the home. In addition to removing items from the floor, you’ll also want to check any stairs for clutter. You can also purchase a height-adjustable hospital bed table with storage.

Lots of Lighting

Having plenty of available lighting will help prevent falls by helping your loved one see better. However, you’ll want to ensure that light is distributed evenly. This ambient light will help eliminate the shadows and glare that can make it harder for their eyes to adjust when moving from room to room.

Sufficient task lighting like that on modern adjustable hospital tables will help them see more clearly when reading, preparing food, and completing similar tasks.

No Dangerous Obstacles

Sometimes, even the most benign-seeming items can turn into obstacles that can block a senior’s access or cause injury. A good example is an area rug; without double-sided tape around its edges, an area rug can slide while it’s being walked on. The same is true of any wrinkles or bumps that may exist in wall-to-wall carpets.

Furniture can also become an obstacle to your loved one’s safe use of their home. Moving furniture and ensuring legs are secure will eliminate injury risk. You can also check stair railings for any hardware that has come loose. Finally, installing grab bars in various locations will help your loved one to sit, stand, and step over items without fear of falling.

Personal Security

Ensure your loved one has a cell phone that they know how to use in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to install a home security system to protect them from intruders.

Easy Access to Whatever They Need

Standing Desk Brown In-use

The last thing anyone wants their loved one to have to do is put themselves in a dangerous position in order to reach the items they need. Moving items from higher to lower shelves in closets and cabinets or simply creating lower storage space in these places will give them better access.

In addition to modifying storage, you can also improve accessibility right from their bedside without sacrificing style. An adjustable hospital overbed table laptop tray from atHand® Overbed Table System (Integrant LLC) offers storage for all of your loved one’s needed items, as well as task lighting, USB ports to charge their devices, and so much more. Visit us online or call today: (440) 628-9550.