Staying Productive While on Dialysis

Laptop on the bed

If you or someone you love is on dialysis, there’s no reason to stop being productive. In fact, remaining active and carrying on with your work and other enjoyable activities can offer you many benefits. We reveal options for staying active and how having the right tools, including a laptop table for bed, can increase your enjoyment and productivity throughout the day.

What Are the Benefits of Staying Active While on Dialysis?

Keeping yourself active during dialysis can benefit every aspect of your life. It improves self-esteem as well as physical health. Activity stimulates the mind and brings personal fulfillment. It can also bring monetary gain through employment or volunteer work. Participating in games or a hobby can bring the opportunity to socialize and build a support network.

Options for Staying Productive

Many who have begun dialysis treatment wonder about their options for staying productive. There are a lot of ways you can add activity into your daily routine.

Work at Home or Start a Business

If you are an employee who plans to continue working during dialysis treatment, ask your employer about work-from-home opportunities. Dialysis has also resulted in many people beginning their own successful online businesses using their over bed desk.

Become a Freelancer

If owning a business isn’t for you, beginning your career as a freelancer can ensure a continued stream of income with the flexibility of making your own hours. Many companies are seeking online copywriters, tutors, and other professionals, and they are willing to pay a fair rate for your work.

Get an Education

Taking an online course is another way to keep your mind engaged as you stay on bed rest. Many universities now offer some of their most popular courses online; simply visit their website to access and download course materials.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer work can be a very rewarding way to stay productive while on dialysis. There may be many ways to contribute from home, including managing a social media page, organizing mailing materials, or offering assistance via Zoom or Skype from your overbed table with drawer.

Essential Elements for Productivity

senior woman sitting on bed and using laptop

Having a schedule will allow you to maintain your productivity throughout the day and eliminate interruptions. It will also help you stay focused and eliminate the temptation to engage in distractions through your workday.

Comfort and storage are absolutely essential for staying focused. You’ll want to ensure you have the right support for your back, a reliable surface to work from, and plenty of storage. Your work surface should be sturdy enough to allow you to accomplish any necessary tasks without moving. It should also be height adjustable to keep your back straight and help you avoid premature fatigue.

All You Need for Productivity While on Dialysis

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