How to Talk To Loved Ones About Additional Care

It’s never an easy situation when a loved one has to live with limited mobility due to an injury, aging, pregnancy, or other medical-related issues. The thought of being on bed rest is a tough pill to swallow but there are options to help them feel comfortable, maintain a sense of independence, and reduce accidental injuries and medical costs. The important thing as a loved one and caregiver is to be honest and talk to them about these options.

Additional Care Options

If your loved one had an injury, is recovering from surgery, or aging and on bed rest, there are a few care options to consider. Depending on the severity of the injury, in-home care such as a homemaker or nurse may be an option but a costly one at that. The average cost of in-home care is $21/hr and $21,840 annually, and many times the help needed is retrieving and delivering items. It’s good to talk to them about the type of care they feel they need and having them being aware of additional costs. If it’s determined that the needed assistance is minimal, you can recommend having products such as an overbed table by their side where they have the storage space and features to keep personal belongings within reach.

Explore Safety Options

One of the biggest safety issues people with limited mobility face is the risk of falling, and unfortunately, which can not only be painful but also be very costly. According to the CDC, falls are among the 20 most expensive medical conditions and the average cost of a fall-related injury is over $30,000. The last thing you and your loved one want to have happen is to pay thousands of dollars in medical costs because of an accidental fall. This is why it’s important to talk to your loved one about staying safe, different products they can have around the home, and not risking activities that can result in injury.

Equipment Options

When we talk about additional care and safety options, one issue that addresses both is having the right equipment. At-home equipment such as an overbed table and other products can help with peace of mind on the caregiver, help prevent falls and injury, and save money on in-home care and hospital costs. Talk to them about what they need by their side to feel comfortable and to help them perform everyday tasks with ease. When your loved one can have a sense of independence, they can live a much happier life, and having the right equipment will do just that.

How the atHand® Overbed Table System Can Help Make Life Easier!

If there is one in-home care product that you want to recommend to your loved one to have by their side, it’s the versatile, durable, and affordable atHand® Overbed Table from Integrant. The feature-rich table has a sleek, modern design that adds a nice aesthetic while giving your loved one the ability to feel independent to perform the simple tasks they love. It features USB and power outlets, adjustable height and lighting, extra shelves and drawers for added storage, it has everything to provide additional care, safety, and can help save thousands of dollars by helping reduce falls. This is one product your loved one should have by their side.

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