The Dangers of Using Your Laptop in Bed

Tired woman massaging neck, sitting uncomfortable on bed when working on laptop

A laptop can be a great tool, offering a highly mobile way to get work done or enjoy some leisure activity while in bed at home. Yet using one without a laptop tray table for bed comes with some risks that are important for you to be aware of.

Health Dangers

Sitting upright with a laptop on your bed may seem harmless at the outset, but it can have serious consequences for your health over the long term. Without some kind of adjustable bed table, you could be putting your back, neck, shoulders, and arms at risk.

The posture a person assumes during laptop use in bed often becomes slouching while curving over the device. Neck and shoulder strain can be the result of straining to see what’s on the screen. Not only that, but, in failing to have your arms, wrists, and hands at a 90-degree angle, repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel can occur, causing lasting pain.

Looking at a bright laptop screen when the rest of the room is dark or has inadequate lighting will reduce the amount of the sleep hormone melatonin your body produces, resulting in a harder time falling and staying asleep.

Work Risks

It can seem as though accomplishing tasks from your bedroom will mean you get a lot done. However, a loss of productivity while working on a laptop is another risk of using your computer from bed. Being in this location while working can tempt you to do more, leading to exhaustion and a higher degree of stress.

This is why it’s so important to have a schedule if you’re on bed rest and using a laptop. Don’t work or play for any longer than you would if you weren’t in bed, and be sure to take five or more minutes every hour to stretch, reset your posture, and enjoy a break before returning to your computer.

A loss of productivity is also tied to the posture you assume and for how long. Over time, fatigue in your body from improper posture without a bed tray table can cause premature tiredness that can lead to a shorter day.

Fire Hazard

Standing Desk Brown In-use

To function the way it should, your laptop needs proper ventilation. That being said, allowing a laptop to sit on a flammable surface like a bed or pillow can block the cool air this machine requires, which can result in overheating and an increased fire risk.

To eliminate this hazard, it can help to place your laptop on a surface that allows for proper and sufficient airflow. A table that goes over your bed will provide a flat surface for your laptop that won’t come into contact with flammable items.

All You Need for Bedside Laptop Use

With the right product, using your laptop in bed can be easier, healthier, and safer. The atHand® Overbed Table System offers fully adjustable lighting, power, and USB outlets; a flat surface; storage; and so much more; call (440) 628-9550 to discover all the benefits.