The Surprising Benefits for Veterans Not Many Know About

For many of our brave heroes, coming home and adjusting to normal life can be a challenge. While there is an extensive support network in place, it’s not always clear exactly what you’re entitled to as a veteran. Here’s our guide to some of the biggest and not so well advertised benefits you or your loved ones can receive, and where to find help when you most need it.

What You Could Be Entitled To

Although almost all veterans would be aware of disability compensation and pension programs, Veterans Affairs (VA) has a number of other ways to help out those retired from the armed forces. These include:

  • Higher Education – The GI Bill, which provides benefits and credit toward a college degree, is even more flexible than you might think. Assistance is also available for those just looking for a certification or vocational training and, in many cases, the unused credit can be transferred to spouses and family to go toward their education costs.
  • Career Development – One-on-one career advice and planning is offered to veterans through the American Corporate Partners program, which also provides a large employment network for vets to connect with top businesses in the search for work.
  • Tax Assistance – Filing your tax return is always a pain, especially if you have to navigate the tricky waters of military benefits. Fortunately, free and knowledgeable tax return preparation is available in the form of Volunteer Tax Assistance Offices across the country.
  • Mortgage Assistance – Banks are notoriously uncaring when it comes to restructuring home loan repayments during difficult times, but the VA offers repayment modification and assistance if you’ve hit a tough spot.
  • Life Insurance – The Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life insurance program offers discounted (and sometimes free) life insurance of up to $400,000 to retired military personnel, which takes into account any injuries you might have from active duty.
  • Hearing Aids – Getting a hearing aid is often complicated and expensive and requires a referral from a physician. VA insurance has made this process simpler, covering costs for veterans and allowing them to make an appointment directly with a specialist.
  • Long-Term Care – The Aid and Attendance program provides significant benefits to veterans needing long-term care options like assisted living and live-in nursing, on top of their normal pension benefits. In many cases, this helping hand can be up to $2,000 a month. Caregiver support coordinators are also on hand to minimize the difficulties faced when you or a loved one needs extra care.
  • Discounts – Businesses across America will often offer significant discounts to veterans on a range of goods and services—it’s just a matter of looking for them. During our Memorial Day promotion, for example, there are fantastic savings to be had on the atHand® Overbed Table System.

How to Find Support

veteran in wheelchair

These are just a selection of the many benefits for veterans available. There is also health insurance for dependents of injured vets, funds for family and friends who help with daily living tasks, and a number of other compensation schemes.

If you need help but aren’t sure what you’re eligible for, it never hurts to ask. Reach out to your local veteran services officer or veteran’s group, do some research on the dozens of websites online, and contact your old friends from the forces to see if there are some hidden benefits you might be missing.

Helping Veterans with Their Long-Term Needs

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