Twelve Tips to Create a Senior-Friendly Home for Aging in Place

an old man reading newspaper in bed

Did you know that more and more seniors are deciding to remain in their homes and age in place? Part of the reason for this is access to a wide range of products and solutions that allows seniors and their families to transform their existing homes into senior-friendly homes. When seniors have access to the things they need to make their lives easier, they can continue to enjoy living in their own homes in familiar surroundings.

If you are concerned about your senior parents or are a senior and know you are aging gracefully, but would like some ideas to make your home more senior-friendly, please check out these great tips!

  1. Get an overbed table system. This table system is much more than a hospital table for home. It has drawers, shelves, USB ports, electrical outlets, and its own light. The table is well-suited to be used in the living room in front of your favorite chair or while relaxing in bed.
  2. Install light sensors and timers. To avoid trips and falls, have light sensors and timers installed so hallway lights, bathroom lights, and other lights turn on and off automatically.
  3. Install light switches with built-in nightlights. Make sure light switches are easy to turn on and off and have built-in nightlights so they are easy to find in the dark.
  4. Install handrails in key locations within the home. Handrails are great to use in hallways and in the bathroom around the toilet and in the shower/bathtub.
  5. Install a low-access/zero access shower/bathtub. These types of showers/bathtubs make it easy to get in and out of without having to raise your leg up very high.
  6. Subscribe to a monitoring service. A monitoring service provides you with a panic button you can keep on you or near you in case you have an emergency and need assistance.
  7. Replace doorknobs with door handles that are easy to open and close. Gripping a doorknob can become more difficult as we get older, and door handles are much easier to use since you do not have to grab them tightly.
  8. Install windows with easy-to-open-and-close handles. If you like letting in fresh air, it is much easier to open and close windows with handles.
  9. Renovate the kitchen. There should be at least one section of the countertop that is lowered so you can sit down to do any meal preparation if you cannot stand for long periods. You should also consider installing pullout drawers, Lazy-Susans, and other accessible-type appliances that are easier for you to use.
  10. Install an alarm system with smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. For peace of mind and security, it is a good idea to make sure your home has an alarm system.
  11. Replace knob-type sink faucets with handle-type or touch faucets. Just like doors, a handle-type or touch faucet is easier to operate for seniors.
  12. Install a doorbell and front door intercom/camera system. This upgrade makes it easier to see who is at your door without having to look through a peephole or opening it. Plus, you can interact with the visitor via your intercom safely, from within your home.

This is just a small list of tips and ideas to help get you started thinking about all the things you can do to make your home senior-friendly so you can age gracefully in place. To learn more about our overbed table system or to order yours, please feel free to contact atHand® Overbed Table System at (440) 628-9550 today!