The Usefulness of Power Outlets

woman looking for medicines in Overbed Table System

The atHand® Overbed Table System does more than provide storage and a convenient table surface to eat, use a laptop, or place various items near your bed. We offer an adjustable overbed table with power outlets that support a range of functions. Outlets enable devices such as lights or laptop computers to be plugged in wherever you are, whether the unit is used as a hospital bed table or at home or school.

We have made further use of power with built-in LED lights, so you can read and work from bed. Our table incorporates USB ports as well. You can plug in a smartphone or tablet to charge it or use your device without draining its power source.

Power Outlets Keep You Safe

Having an outlet close by improves safety. Without one, you may resort to using a more distant outlet and relying on a power strip or extension cord. If too much power goes through one of these devices, circuit breakers can trip, electrical items can be damaged, or an electrical short can cause a fire. You can avoid these dangers by having an electrical outlet close by. Then there’s the potential of falling in the darkness; integrated lighting and a power connection ensure there’s enough lighting to see where you are, without reaching for a light switch.

Power Helps You Be Organized

A power connection drives the LED light in the unit. Adequate lighting helps you make the most use of shelf space and drawer accessories that are available. You can store books, electronic devices, papers, and even medication in your power-outlet-equipped overbed table. Organize your items and find them quickly, thanks to lighting and a dedicated power connection.

Electricity Helps Maintain Your Health

With a power outlet, a hospital table at home can provide lighting to reduce the user’s risk of falling. It can also enable medical equipment such as home dialysis or sleep apnea machines to be plugged in. If you’re on bed rest during pregnancy or after surgery, the lighting, storage, and tray space allow access to everything you need without getting up.

Accessories That Have You Covered

Our adjustable overbed table is great if you’re recovering or have a small living space and enjoy the convenience. We’ve developed numerous accessories so you can get more out of the product,

overbed table drawers & accessories


  • Small storage bins
  • Cup holders
  • Trash bins
  • Open shelf baskets
  • Additional drawers

The components in our Accessory Kit are modular, meaning they can be arranged to your liking to maximize the convenience. We have even developed the Cradle Stand™ for Smart Phones & Tablets. It has deep grooves that enable you to position devices vertically or horizontally at a 25° viewing angle, making video chats and watching movies easy. Sleep in and work from your bed in your studio apartment or dorm room—or bring your equipment along to the office or while traveling!

For more information about our adjustable overbed table and how its power outlet can benefit you, continue browsing or contact us at 440-628-9550.