Why atHand is the right choice!

We didn’t just want to create another tray table on wheels. We wanted to create a modern, versatile, and innovative adjustable hospital table for your home. The unique design and added features and accessories are the perfect combinations of luxurious comfort and advanced functionality. Whether you’re on bed rest after surgery or looking for a functional standing desk for your home office, atHand delivers everything you need!

The atHand® Overbed Table System is Perfect for:

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Reducing Falls and Medical Costs

Anytime you’re on bed rest or have limited mobility, the risk of injury or falling is unfortunately higher. You want to maintain independence, and we want you to have the freedom to complete simple tasks without reinjury. Plugging in your phone or throwing something in the trash is now right by your side. You can enjoy your morning coffee, conveniently placed in our cup holder, while watching the weather with a warm breakfast. All the while, you have reduced in-home care and hospital visits.

The atHand Overbed Table System is designed to keep you safe and let you keep your independence while completing everyday tasks.


Aging in Place

When your loved one chooses to age at home, safety is crucial.  What if they fall? What if there’s an emergency? Will they remember to take their medications?  All reasonable questions. Caring for a loved one just got easier! There are new innovative ways to keep them safe and comfortable.

The atHand® Overbed Table System is that solution!  The power outlets, USB ports, and integrated lighting help reduce the risk of falls because there is no need to reach for an outlet or light switch.  The storage drawer and shelf provide plenty of space for must-haves like the phone, TV remote, and medications.  Everything can be kept close by and organized.  You’ll have peace of mind that your loved one is safe. They’ll be happy and comfortable because they have everything they need.

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Home Hemodialysis

More and more people are enjoying the freedom of dialyzing at home.  The upsides are enormous – more time with family, being in the comfort of your own home, being in control of your schedule.  But there is a downside – you need to find room for all that stuff!  If you dialyze at night, the machine takes up your entire nightstand.  So what do you do with everything that was on it?  When you dialyze during the day, how do you manage to keep all your supplies accessible and organized?  The answer, atHand.  It offers plenty of storage and tray table space to hold all your essentials.  The drawers can hold supplies like gloves, hand sanitizer, and syringes out of sight. The power outlets and USB ports make it easy to keep your phone and tablet charged. Therefore, you’ll never miss a moment of your favorite movie or tv show.

Chemotherapy at Home

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is fatigue. Hence, fatigue can last for weeks or even months after treatment.  The National Cancer Institute recommends relaxation. Implementing naps, quiet activities, working from home, if you’re able, and Netflix can help you relax daily.  The integrated power outlets, USB ports, and lighting are great for creating your media oasis.  Having all your necessities close by will help you rest more comfortably.  Plus, having more storage options right at your side allows you to keep your medication, and other treatment-related supplies conveniently organized.

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Pregnancy Bed Rest

When you’re pregnant and advised bed rest, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. It’s beneficial to stay positive and keep busy, for your health and your baby. The atHand® Overbed Table System will help you complete critical everyday tasks with extra storage space, built-in power outlets, adjustable tray height, and lighting. You’ll have everything you need to work from home! Extra light for reading, along with a drawer for your supplies. Also, shelves for books or a framed picture of your ultrasound to remind you of who will soon join your life!

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Post-Operation Recovery

Many surgeries can result in weeks or months of bed rest. Knee surgery or a hip replacement; might keep you off your feet, but you can still stay connected to the world. As you are recovering, you’ll want to have essential items within reach and maintain your independence. What you’ll want is the atHand® Overbed Table System. Instead of asking for help to get your favorite book or to plug in your laptop, you have a bedside tray table equipped with everything! Power outlets, shelves, drawers for extra storage, lighting, and a spacious tray. Win a FIFA World Cup knowing your Xbox or PlayStation controller will always have a charge. All these amenities allow you to recover in comfort!

Standing Desk for Office

The atHand® Bed Tray Table System isn’t just useful when you’re on bed rest. With the added features and modern design, it can be used all around the house for many different activities. It’s perfect if you need an extra table to hold additional items and crafts. Also, it is an ideal standing desk in your home office. You can quickly move it from room to room when needed, and you can move it out of the way to conserve space. What executive desk can do that?

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About Integrant LLC.

At Integrant, we’re dedicated to designing and domestically manufacturing quality products that will enhance your quality of life – and the atHand® Hospital Table System is the perfect example of this. We took a traditional concept, and we made it better. Most importantly, it is a more modern, sleek bed tray table that can be used by anyone. The added features help you keep essential items nearby and make your life easier. To sum it up, atHand® Bedside Tray Table System provides more benefits to you!

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