Ways for a Healthy and Speedy Recovery After Surgery

woman writing letter on over bed table

If you’re scheduled for surgery or already went through a surgical procedure, you’re probably already thinking about getting back to regular life from your overbed table. The good news is that there are many ways to do just that. Let’s take a look at how to heal faster following surgery.

Listen to Your Doctor

Above all, the fastest way to get back on your feet post-surgery is to listen to your doctor. They may have prescribed a special diet or exercise regimen entirely for your benefit. Not heeding your doctor’s suggestions can not only ensure you take longer to heal but can also cause complications that require additional care.

Listen to Your Body

Your body will tell you when something isn’t right. Unusual pain or swelling, fever, and vomiting after surgery are all symptoms that should never be taken lightly. Always call your doctor if you’re experiencing any of these. If it’s after hours, call the hospital and get checked out by them.

Don’t Be a Hero

Your doctor knows that you’ll be feeling pain or discomfort following surgery, which is why they’ve written you a prescription. Choosing to stash your pain medications in your hospital bed table can do you more harm than good. Dealing with pain increases stress, which needlessly diverts your body’s precious resources. It can also rob you of healing sleep.

Eat as Healthy as Possible

man eating at overbed table while watching television

The foods you put on your hospital overbed table before and after surgery can make all the difference to your recovery time. Clear carb-containing liquids like no-pulp fruit juice, clear tea, and water before surgery can help you recover from anesthesia. After surgery, fruits and vegetables of all colors, lean meats, and eggs can all make for faster healing.

Never Miss a Follow-Up

You may be feeling great after surgery, but that doesn’t mean you can skip follow-ups. Your doctor needs to know how you’re doing, and some problems may not be readily visible. Medication adjustments and bloodwork may also need to be completed to ensure everything is on track.

Keep Incisions Clean

Regular inspection of your incision for swelling and redness is necessary, and so is maintaining good hygiene. Gently wash—don’t scrub—the incision site with soap and water, and don’t use alcohol or peroxide unless suggested by your doctor. Remember to wash your hands, before touching your incision, to prevent the spreading of germs.

Ask Loved Ones to Help

It’s normal to feel helpless after surgery, but your friends and family are there to help, and letting them can benefit you. You won’t have to move around as much or as soon, and loved ones can deliver all sorts of goodies to put in your hospital bed table with drawer.

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