Over the Bed Tray Table Uses, Features, & More

woman looking for medicines in Overbed Table System

You’ll probably need an over the bed tray table at some point in your life, even if you haven’t used one yet. Bed tables are commonly used during hospital stays, and they’re also a staple for many homebound patients. A well-made overbed table preserves your independence while you eat, read, and work. You can take care of yourself and do the things you love without calling for help.

We strive to help people improve their lives with versatile, money-saving products. That’s why we decided to revamp the traditional bed table you see in medical facilities. Our atHand® Overbed Table System combines sturdy structure with innovative features, so you can effectively perform everyday tasks without sacrificing comfort or relying on others.

A Versatile Overbed Table Designed to Increase Independence

Many patients on bed rest wish they could increase their independence. They have a hard time relying on others and asking loved ones for help with once-simple tasks, and may no longer think of themselves as self-sufficient. The atHand Overbed Table tackles these common concerns with a practical layout that encourages users to do things on their own. Our feature-rich table includes everything a bed-bound individual might need, from a durable desktop to a privacy-protecting drawer.

Unique Features for Every Need

Some overbed tables provide a basic table tray that is easily cluttered. You don’t need a stress-inducing mess during your recovery, so we created a customizable overbed table that encourages organization. Stash your paperwork or books in the spacious drawer, or place your watch or bracelets on the built-in shelf. If you need extra storage space, we offer an accessory kit with a cupholder, compact basket, and trash bin.

Our atHand Overbed Table also features a built-in LED light with multiple settings. You can illuminate important documents during the day or leave on a softly glowing nightlight while you sleep. Wake up to a fully charged smartphone or tablet thanks to the bed table’s built-in USB outlets and optional Cradle Stand™. This multipurpose overbed table is ideal for people with special medical needs, and it easily transitions to a work table when you no longer require bed rest.

Here are some situations where you can benefit from an atHand Overbed Table:

Recovering from Surgeryman recovering from surgery with bedside table

It’s not uncommon to get discharged from the hospital the same day you undergo minor surgery. Even if you have a major procedure done, you may end up at home just a few days later. However, a quick hospital discharge doesn’t necessarily equal a speedy recovery. It can take weeks, possibly even months, to fully recover, even if your body feels okay.

Many patients unintentionally reinjure themselves after a medical procedure because they try to resume regular activities too soon. An atHand Overbed Table helps you recover from surgery in a safe, comfortable setting. Its user-friendly design lets you reach outlets, USB ports, and store supplies without major bending or lifting. This makes it simple to honor your doctor’s restrictions as you focus on recovering from surgery.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, and sometimes, this is dangerous for you and your baby. Your doctor may recommend bed rest as a way to keep you both healthy, but how are you supposed to lay in bed all day? Our overbed table provides everything you need for bed rest, from a tray for meals to a drawer for prenatal vitamins. Flip on the LED light to browse your baby-name book, or use the integrated USB port to keep your devices ready to text friends about pregnancy concerns.

Hemodialysis at Homehemodialysis on bed table

Home hemodialysis is a great way to better manage your schedule and spend more time with family.  But how will you keep yourself busy as you dialyze?  The atHand Overbed Table makes it convenient to work, read, or watch movies right from your chair to help you pass the time.  If you dialyze at night, you still need a place for all your supplies. This overbed table has a spacious drawer for hemodialysis essentials, as well as a shelf where you can store your remote control or medication bottles for easy access.

Sleep Apnea

Living with sleep apnea can be difficult, but a CPAP device can help you snooze safely through the night. However, these devices are often bulky and obtrusive. One solution is to place your CPAP device on an overbed table that also includes a shelf and a drawer for your supplies, and even a hook on which to hang your mask.  The adjustability of the tray table helps you find that perfect height to increase your comfort level, especially when battling rainout from a humidifier.

Chemotherapy at Home and After Treatment

Chemotherapy helps destroy cancerous cells, but unfortunately, it can drain your energy levels for months, sometimes even years. During this time, your body needs plenty of rest to recover. An atHand Overbed Table makes resting more enjoyable by keeping the things you need — and want — close. Fill the unit’s drawer with crossword puzzles, coloring books, and simple crafts to keep you busy during this trying time. Our overbed table also has plenty of space for chemotherapy essentials, medical documents, and heartfelt cards from loved ones.

Aging in Place

Help your loved one age in place with an atHand Overbed Table. This resilient table provides peace of mind for caregivers who can’t be around 24/7. You can stock it with essentials, including medication, snacks, and books, as well as plug electronic devices into the built-in outlet. This helps prevent elderly individuals from risking a fall or experiencing other injuries while you’re away from their home.

A Perfect Laptop Table

People trust atHand Overbed Tables during tough times, but what if you feel fine? You can use this laptop table to work or surf the Web from the comfort of your bed or as a standing desk. Place business must-haves on the shelf or in the drawer so you don’t have to interrupt your workflow, and use the built-in outlet to keep your laptop from powering off during an important project.

Around the House Useswoman with laptop on overbed table

Living in a small space? The atHand Overbed Table System is extremely useful when you don’t have a dedicated craft room for your projects or a place to perform small repairs.  This durable table with storage provides an area for you to work and helps keep your supplies neat and organized.

More than a Hospital Overbed Table

An atHand Overbed Table simplifies your life by providing a sturdy, convenient place for everyday essentials and activities. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, resting until baby comes, or drafting business proposals, you can count on your atHand Overbed Table to make things easier.