Why atHand®?

One-touch lighting

Turn on a light when you need it

Two fully adjustable LED lights are included. One for reading and one for a nightlight, with three lighting levels to choose from.

one touch lighting copy

Power & USB

Reduce reaching and cord clutter

USB and power outlets are integrated into the bed table itself, so no more extension cords or reaching for wall outlets.

power units

Storage Cabinet

Stash your stuff in a private drawer

Handy drawer lets you stow your must-haves within reach. Need even more storage? You can further expand your storage with an additional shelf and/or drawer.

storage cabinet

Easy-glide table

Don’t worry about wobbles

This overbed rolling table is designed to hold up to 50 pounds, so no sagging. And because atHand is built from high-quality, durable materials, no wobbling, either.

adjustable table

Position it the way you want it

Rotate the tray table over the bed or chair (or fold it down and out of sight!), tilt the light to the perfect angle – swivel, slide, and adjust the table to your desired height.

Keep it clean

The smooth design is free from gaps and crevices. That makes cleaning a snap to protect you from germs.

Move, but only when you want to

Need to adjust? This bed table on wheels rolls smoothly on carpet or hard floors, thanks to its large, premium casters. All set? Two locking wheels keep the table safely anchored in place.

Breathe easy, no tipping!

The generous base has a durable steel frame for stability and safety, so no worries about tipping, whether it’s being rolled to a more convenient spot or securely locked in place.

Grab it yourself

Two sturdy handles make repositioning the bed table a snap, even if you have limited dexterity. The open design is also a hook, adding a convenient hanger.