Why Choose a Hospital Overbed Table at Home for Convalescence?

pregnant lady looking into smartphone with her daughter.

Recovering from an illness or injury is never easy, especially if you’ve been ordered on bed rest. Whether you have a nasty cold or fighting the flu, doctors will typically suggest you stay in bed to help get you feeling better and so you won’t infect other people. Doctors will also recommend that you try not to aggravate your illness by performing daily activities that will spend a lot of energy.

Okay, we know we may not have painted the prettiest picture of spending time on bed rest and the lack of mobility and independence to perform everyday tasks can be frustrating, however this is why we suggest having a hospital overbed table at home with you so you can stay sane and productive while you’re stuck inside and in bed. We’re also not talking about the traditional bed tray table that just presents you a tray table. The problem with tables like these is that they can only hold a few items and if you’re on post-op bed rest for weeks, or bed rest during pregnancy, you will find it difficult to keep important items near you and perform simple tasks without constantly asking for help. Here is why it’s important to choose a bedside tray table that has multiple features that allow you enough space and function to keep personal belongings within reach and help keep you productive.

More Storage for What’s Important

As we mentioned before, when a doctor orders you to be on bed rest that means you should spend as much time recovering in bed. It doesn’t mean you can get up and make your dinner, go to your desk to get some work done or walk to the medicine cabinet to get your medications. A hopsital table is helpful because you can have the storage and room to hold the items you need the most without exhausting a lot of energy. You’ll be able to stay in bed, recover, and have access to your laptop, books, electronics, medicine, food, beverages, and more – all without asking for help.

Keep Your Electronics Charged

Speaking of having what’s important near you at all times, an adjustable over the bed tray table can also help you keep your electronics charged so that you’re always connected with the outside world – and let’s be honest, if your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices run out of juice, bed rest just got a whole lot more uncomfortable. There are overbed tables that have built-in electrical outlets and USB ports that make it easy to charge your devices and not have to get up to plug them in or risk injury trying to reach for outlets.

Help You Stay Busy

If you’re simply just staying in bed and feeling sorry for yourself, being on bed rest may make the days feel a lot longer. Now, if you’re not feeling well and need rest, by all means, get some rest. However, if you feel a little stir crazy, you will want to have the ability to get simple tasks done or have space to read or watch a movie. A bedside table with storage can not only hold important items, but the tray table allows you to have the space to get work done on your laptop, play cards, watch media on your electronic devices, write, read, and more activities to help keep your spirits up and make the time go by faster.

As you can see, just because you’re recovering from an illness, doesn’t mean you have to feel useless and stay completely still. You deserve to have a sense of independence and that’s why having a hospital over the bed table is critical to getting through the designated time to recover. One table system that stands above the rest when it comes to safety, versatility and modern luxury is the atHand® Overbed Table System from Integrant. This sleek, durable, and feature-rich table system has added drawers and shelves to hold more personal items, has built-in USB and power outlets right by the table, adjustable LED lights and height, plus has room to have a trash bin so you can easily throw away food and beverages when you’re done with them. It also has a wide support base for premium durability and four large casters that make it easy to transport on hardwood and carpet. The experts at Integrant thought of everything someone with limited mobility may need in a medical bedside tray table when they made the atHand® Overbed Table System and if you’re looking for a more comfortable and functional table to have by your side, you need to get yours today!

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